Friday, October 26, 2007

I love Peanuts!

I've always been a HUGE fan of Peanuts and Charles Schulz. I've recently come across this post and I'm sharing (quoting the person and blog) as well, since it's a great story with wonderful insight to a really neat man:

Charles Schulz was the genius who created Peanuts. One of his daughters joined the church and served a mission in England. Did you know that? I have for awhile, and didn't think much of it beyond "hmm, that's interesting."

However -

I was reading reviews of the recent Schulz biography, when I stumbled across a blog post at Cartoon Brew. The ensuing discussion has Schulz's children and other friends chiming in about the inaccuracies in the book. However, I found myself absolutely moved by his daughter's description of her relationship to her dad and his reaction to her becoming Mormon:

Check it out here, and then return and report (or comment, anyway).

[You can read the whole amazing discussion if you're a Peanuts fan, but I figured this one comment would appeal to Mormons of all types, even ones without any particular affection for the classic comic strip].

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emily said...

i would love to be a parent like that. something to work on, i guess.