Monday, October 29, 2007

We Love Daddy!

Hmph, cool graphic won't load. Oh well. Anyway . . .

I've come across this article today:
Working Dads Want More Family Time

We love articles on work-life balance. The book Take Back Your Time has inspired us to do much of what we're doing with having our own business--a holistic wellness center no less with the tagline "Life Balanced." This area has inspired us to have a home business. Medical School and the naysayers inspired us to keep on putting family first. Residency put us through the freaking ringer. And yet Mark's ALWAYS stood up--to the system and to his bosses--for family first. He's not putting off "family first" as a "someday" thing. And he's a phenomenal Dad. He puts our family first, has fun with the kids, we have pretty much all meals together daily, he takes part in music lessons, teaches school, cooks meals, does dates with the kids, keeps track of various requests, draws pictures (pretty dang good ones, too, and on demand!), and the list goes on and on and on, all while also being the world's best husband (seriously, Oprah could host a show on awesome husbands with Mark as poster boy).

I'm not saying it's always perfect or easy. And heaven knows we get stressed, there's no question. But that's our guiding principle. Mark's family has a family scripture. I've always loved that idea. Inspired by them, we have a family scripture, too. Seek ye first the kingdom of God. We've learned that every time a couple is sealed, a new kingdom is formed. Doesn't that shed interesting light on that scriptural teaching? So, basically "family first" is a guiding principle. Wow!

This article is interesting. I look at that list of suggestions and except for the potlucks (kind of a random suggestion, IMO), Mark does all that stuff plus some! And I'm so grateful that I can specifically help in some small way by doing a bit of work on the side so that he can enjoy in a more relaxed way. I know it's a lot to shoulder the finances of a family and the fact that he does that in addition to so much with family and around the house is nothing short of amazing. I love that we do this together. We are very, very blessed.

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