Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Random Stuff

So, I come across a lot of interesting things and a blog is as good a place as any to share them. Here are some . . .

This one is a REALLY clever commercial. Watch the whole thing. You'll likely rewatch it once you get it.

Remember that eBay auction lady who sold her kids' Pokemon cards through her hilarious description? Well, I've subscribed to her blog since and she's got good stuff on there. Anyway, here's today's gem. Some judgmental Mormon dork went out of his or her way to criticize her all the while assuming she's Mormon. Nice. Anyway, I like her stuff on parenting--interesting:

Controlling Your Bladder is Easier Than Controlling Your Kids

Here's a thought-provoking ad I've found recently:

And here are some interesting articles as well:

8 Tips to Cancer-Proof Your Body
The 12 Germiest Places in Your Life

Yuck. As if I'm not already germ-phobic enough. Pass the hand sanitizer.

Okay, that's good for now. I can close some tabs. :P


Dr. Mark said...

So many things to think about . . . too many comments . . .

Now I need to add a windmill to the house while sipping pomegranate juice and eating a heaping serving of blueberries after dousing myself in antibacterial hand gel. And did I really need to know all that about underwear?!

emily said...

that commercial made me burst out laughing. i hate the wind.

Robynne said...

I love that e-bay mom! I occasionally follow up with her on her blog - she's great!

Anonymous said...

lol, clever wind commercial! How do you come across these fun random things?? :) Robynne, I love your family picture!!