Saturday, November 3, 2007

Lovey's Skatepark

So, the Rats have got us into skateboarding--we're even checking out books about it from the library. Using one of those books, M has set up a skatepark for his teddy bear in the kids' room!

Here's a ramp:

The pillows are more track. See the teddy bear on the skateboard (top of a rubbermaid box) doing tricks?

Carefully studying the book to make sure he gets the trick just right:

The skateboarding book:


The Rat Life said...

Hey Little Dude,

Nice skatepark, for you and the bears. You can practice skateboarding and Lovey gets some practice in too. I have a teddy bear but he's more of a baseball kinda guy, mayby Lovey can show him a thing or two about skateboarding.
Big Dude and Teddy

Ruth & Ryan said...

All I can say is, "totally awesome!" Good job!

Robynne said...

Way to go Maxim!!!!