Sunday, November 4, 2007

November Violin Recital

So here's the video from our little virtuoso. She did a wonderful job and looks so elegant. She picked the right instrument!

Thanks to Daddy for getting the video to load!! Here are some pictures from the recital as well. Thanks for all the fun calls from family and friends wishing her well on her recital--she loves it!! She got a bit teary-eyed when she looked around afterward and asked, "Did anyone we know come?" and we told her no, but we've also told her we're so glad to be here and we're so proud of her! What a nice recital!! Our teacher is great and so nice and makes it so fun and enjoyable!! Suzuki violin is really great!

Getting ready and tuning up the instrument

Before the recital

Heh, we're all looking at Daddy and not the camera. :P

Playing with her accompanist

Playing "Oh Come Little Children"

So graceful!

Bowing and thanking her accompanist--our teacher's mom who has been doing this for 32 years!

Such a good experience! She doesn't even get nervous and enjoys playing for people as much as possible (even makes the comment, "Too bad I couldn't play more songs!"). She really loves to play and is grateful for the opportunity to learn violin!!

Here are all the kids from the recital and the teacher, too! We do group lessons together 2x/month and it's a lot of fun!


Ruth & Ryan said...

She looked and sounded great! I'm impressed! I wish I had known, we would have tried to get there for her.

Robynne said...

That's so cute! She did a great job!

emily said...

she looks so pretty! great job, kate.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I wish they'd have left the recital on the original Saturday--we wanted to be there, too! But great video--she did a super job :)