Wednesday, March 30, 2011

American Idol Recap (and I'm not holding back)

Okay, so I didn't blog AI reviews at all this past week because I was more excited about enjoying our house guests. :)

Here's my mini recap of the results from the week before (yeah, didn't do those either, because I was having a very blah and down week and, lucky girl that I am, I have a dear friend who could tell and so she showed up at our house around 11pm with a box of donuts and stayed up with me until 2am -- how awesome is that?). Sorry, that trumps blogging, too.

So, results from 2 weeks ago in a nutshell:

Why was Jacob grabbing his crotch while singing in that horrible group number that made me wonder if this is the Worst Top 12 ever??

AI got all "Oprah" with CDs under the chairs.

Ryan has lost his mojo. He just doesn't care. He should've gone with Cowell to X Factor.

I love the funny clips about all the idols. Nice touch this year.

After the commercial break, Ryan says, "Here comes the tough part," to which my husband says, "I thought the group number was the tough part."

Ryan asks the judges what the contestants can do about pitch. Uh, is "Sing well" too simplistic?

Steven Tyler is wearing my mom's shiny purple top. The one she saves for weddings.

Haley, in turn, is wearing Steven's feather necklaces and earrings.

And I kid you not, dear readers, this is straight from my notes (Yes, I take notes. Shut it.):

"This stupid save makes me wish the good singers were in the bottom 3. As if it's not tedious enough to hear them the first night they suck, we have to do it again."

I also wrote this:

"The stupid save is stupid anyway. The truly good (read: potential winners) are never at risk of going home. It doesn't work."

All right, I'll say it. I have no problem admitting when I'm mistaken. I WAS WRONG. But back to the previous week . . .

Pia means "sink" in Portuguese.

Thia says she's not just a ballad singer. Hmmm. Like they tell writers: Show; don't tell.

I love watching the Black-Eyed Peas. Fergie looks SO different. Has she EVER worn a dress?!?

Hasta la vista, Karen!


An even smaller nutshell:

Motown week was, as it usually is, AWESOME for all contestants but the country kid (it's okay -- that happens every year -- he'll be fine). Loved it, loved it.

Here it is, a full week later and what stands out most in my mind is Jacob's AMAZING performance. Oh, and Naima's manic African dancing. WTH??

But overall it was really, really good.


Tinier nutshell still - Results of Motown Week:

Casey was the bottom vote. GASP!! Casey got saved. HURRAY! Best use of the save ever.


On to tonight's Elton John themed night (no more nutshells) . . .

Scotty - Country Comfort

To my knowledge, I had never heard that song before. It was a little off, but he had a cute shout out to grandma. It was probably the best song he could do and it was just alright and a little dull, but he got heaps of praise anyway. Shrug.

Naima - I'm Still Standing

Damn it, she is. But thank god she's not manically dancing. Why is she still here?? You could tell the producers didn't even like it. I like that they're getting less sugar-coated in their comments. She started by talking in a Jamaican accent, which I found off-putting because, um, she's not Jamaican. I was ready for 4 guys to walk on stage and hit her on the head with a bobsled and remind her that she's from Chicago. That being said, I hate to admit it, but I think it kind of worked (the reggae arrangement, not the accent). It's a good thing Steven is concise because the other two don't shut up and are constantly interrupting each other. Boom chakalaka chakalaka!

Paul - Rocket Man

So smooth. So cool. So great. Love him. The judges turned into an episode of The View (thank you, Mark).

Pia - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me

How predictable. Another ballad. UGH!! After that intro, I thought she was going to do something really amazing that made us go, "Oh wow. Okay. It's okay that she did another ballad." But nope. She walked out of a giant Acapulco sunset postcard onto the stage and did her usual -- effortless singing of yet another bleepin' ballad. That song is WAY overdone on Idol Yawn. Randy caved to peer pressure and didn't stick to his guns. It's okay, Randy. America agrees with you. She DOES need to sing something else.

Stefano - Tiny Dancer

He reminds me of Joey from Friends. Which is appropriate since this is one of my favorite lines from Friends:

Stefano is keeping his eyes open so now instead of looking asleep, he looks constipated.

And see? I told you his Dad was Howie Mandel!

Lauren - Candle in the Wind

She was off and flat at the beginning, but yet the song overall was sort of nice. Hideous dress, though -- both the one at the photo shoot and the one on stage tonight. Plus she did that weird senior-high-school-girl-in-a-strapless-dress-at-prom-jiggling-up-the-dress-on-the-sides-of-her-breasts move. Yuck. I'll give credit where due -- she at least mixed it up, unlike Pia. But she's weird. Don't interview her.

James - Saturday Night's All Right

Not sure if I liked it. Is he really consummate enough to throw mic stands and jump on baby grand pianos and set things on fire? I don't think so. It had nice parts, but this song is more pop rock than heavy rock so it felt at times karaoke and other times overdone. And in the interview he upset Michael Jackson fans and Coke Sponsors. Nice.

Thia - Daniel

It was way too low for her. I didn't love it. It didn't suit her.

Casey - Your Song

Okay, let me preface this by saying that I truly believe that Elton John's "Your Song" is one of, if not THE greatest and most beautiful love songs ever written (and the Moulin Rouge version is my favorite). I LOVE this song. I was pleased that one of my favorite songs was sung by one of my favorite contestants. I think Paul could've done a wonderful job with it, too. Casey did a nice job. It was lovely, intimate, and well done. The stars all around him were a nice touch. No one doubts that they did the right thing in saving him. Well done.

Jacob - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

Love this song, too! OMG. He. Is. Awesome. Fabulous. Awesome. I love how he sounds when he reigns it in a bit. It works! LOVED it!

Stacy's Random Thoughts:

I like Ryan's hair.
Ugly dresses are in!

Haley - Bennie and the Jets

She always seems like she's on a drug that has "drowsiness" as a side effect. Her bluesy voice is really nice, but she's uncomfortable to watch. Something about her smile. I don't know. She did a nice job, though. She should sing bluesy songs for sure. That's where she shines.

The last 3 were the best.

Tomorrow, we get to see the ubiquitous Will.I.Am and watch 2 people get sent home. My guesses? Thia and Stefano.


Dr. Mark said...

I so had to resist the urge to sing Tony Danza's name during Stefano's performance. It's that ingrained in my brain now. And he does look constipated. I couldn't place the look until you said it.

You were spot on again this week, especially the part about "The view." ;)

I wonder what accent Naima will use next week. Oh please don't let the theme be country . . .

Jimmy said...

The shiny purple top saved for weddings still has me laughing!

The Magic Violinist said...

Oh, PLEASE let it be Stefano that goes home tonight. PLEASE!!!

Anonymous said...

My Random AI comments:

Pia is such a stuck up diva. Stefano does look like Joey from friends and I did sing Tony Danza while watching! I like Thia but she doesn't pick good songs. James' thrashing about on stage is a bit much, your on AI not tour with Poison!

Last but not least, what happened to Fergie? She DOES look different but I can't figure out what it is! Did she gain weight? Have a face lift?

Vivian said...

I haven't seen AI this week yet so I hesitated to read your post. But I couldn't resist your insights (humor). I'll see both the show and the elimination after work today.

Boquinha said...

Mark, I'm glad we don't have to find out. It's about time she danced her way right off the stage.

Jimmy, is it wrong of me as a writer to say that I like that line, too? :P

TMV, ALMOST. It is so almost his turn. And now that he's singing with his eyes open, people will get creeped out and it will only expedite his exit.

Kelly, I love that you sang Tony Danza while watching!! And about Fergie, I know! I can't quite put my finger on it either!!

Vivian, I'm so flattered! Thank you! And now that you've seen both, I'm curious what you think!