Monday, March 14, 2011

Geez, do I ever post pictures?

I have every intention of posting pictures. I mean, this blog started as a means of keeping in touch with far-away grandparents.

But in scanning over the past several months' worth of posts, there are very few pictures (I don't think I've posted ANY since July--except for the Michael Bublé concert!?!)!

So, let's do a little 2010 in random review, okay?

I'm challenging myself to choose just a few pictures per month or event (brevity is always my challenge. What? You already knew that? Did I ask you? Shut up.) and post a little bit about them.

Grandparents, this is especially for you.

Winter/Spring 2010
(Summer/Fall 2010 post to follow)

There was some celebrating (of love) . . .

Awwwww . . .

We had a little Valentine's celebration with friends.

We did some crafts.
More crafts.

We enjoyed themed party food.

We played Valentine's Tic-Tac-Toe,
watched Charlie Brown's Valentine's special,
and went around saying nice things about each other.

Mark made us a Valentine's breakfast.


Our labor of love

Me in our clinic on one of my work days

Scout came in to visit me after my clients left --
their dog had given Scout a present!


Mark led our homeschool group in a dissection class.

Thing 2 looks on as his buddies dissect a frog.

Mark teaching the group.

It was packed!

Thing 1's group got TOTALLY into it.


We like books.

How sweet is this picture?
These two really got on a
Guiness World Record Book kick!
And snuggling with a puppy while reading?

This is our library crate.
We typically have over 100 books checked out
at any given time.
This crate helps us not get them mixed up
with our books.


We have an annual (nerdy) tradition
of celebrating Pi Day (3/14)

Our friend Cristin made this awesome
fruit and veggie platter -- she is so creative:
See how the green fruits and veggies
form the Pi symbol?

Eating Pizza Pies!

Mark is a master with the dough.
And OH is our dough delicious!

Some of the "pies"

And more pies!

We like Pi(e)!

And since we love to eat out with the Salefskis
(and are, apparently, gluttons for punishment),
we went out again later that night.
It was ridiculous -- we were all SO FULL.


I love when the weather warms up!

Me and Scout in our backyard.

The library asked us to help them out with a really fun project.
Mark led a big group of kids in working on various banners
representing different authors and books.
Look closely and you can see his fingers over the top holding up the banners.

The library used them in their annual gala auction
and now they are permanent parts of the library's display areas!
I'm only showing 2 of them, but we made several.

Dr. Seuss!

Thing 1's first time attending a baby shower!
She was so excited.
Here she is with her BFF.
What's amazing is that this picture
is less than a year old and
they both already look so much older!


Celebrating St. Patrick's Day!

Irish Pork Medallions

Omigosh, Mark found this amazing recipe
and it was UNBELIEVABLY good!
We're pretty sure the secret was the ingredients. ;)


Cultural Studies

Thing 1 and her BFF making Portuguese cookies --
think they're having fun?

They're ready for their presentation!

Kirsten's grandma made them skirts and vests
so they could dress in the old, traditional dress style.

Thing 2 presented on South Korea,
country from which Tae Kwon Do originates.
He made a really great lapbook and did a presentation.
He showed everyone some Tae Kwon Do moves.
And he also made and served Kimchi.

A group picture
(The two in togas presented on Rome and Greece)
The one on the left is Jake -- before his cancer diagnosis.
Amazing how different he looks.


A cute Scout picture

Love this picture of Scout sitting behind Mark in scrubs
while he does some paper work in the office.



We've seen this Reptile Rescue guy
present around the community several times.
We never get tired of it.
He's SO interesting to listen to.
It'd be a dream job for our friend Axel.
The guy basically rescues and houses
LOADS of reptiles
and presents about them
and raises awareness about them
and funds for them as well.

Thing 1 is always eager to hold snakes and other creatures.


Spring has sprung!

We'll be doing gardening again soon!

Finding Easter eggs around the backyard.

Scout likes to help, too.

Their loot!

We planted several cherry trees
around the front of the clinic
and they're LOVELY when they bloom!


These kids!!

When Mark and I go up to bed,
we aren't ever sure how we're going to find those two.
Sometimes they've built a fort or a tent.
Sometimes they've fallen asleep cuddling in each other's beds.
And sometimes they camp out in the hall.

We had an arts month including a poetry slam,
music day, and art gallery.
This was the music day.
It was a lot of fun and they kids got to share their talents!

I got video of both kids playing piano and violin
and it amazes me how far they've come with that in
the past year, too!

We'll have to get some more current video soon.


Thing 1's Webkinz Birthday Party
(Seriously, I didn't even blog about this??)

I'm pretty impressed with my own handiwork on this one!

Webkinz Food, of course!
These are the favorite foods of many of our Webkinz.

That's not soda! That's Gak!

The kids played stuff like Checkers and Connect 4
while everyone gathered.

We also played Balloon Dartz, Zingoz Bounce,
Gem Hunting (in a pile of sand),
and they all pulled their own Webkinz out of a bag.

They earned Kinzcash that they spent in the
W Shop!

Mark leading the kids in one of many Webkinz games--
I think this one was a trivia game
(Quizzy's Corner)!

The birthday girl with her cake!


WAY cute video of Scout
(and please note how shaggy she is so that
you can better appreciate the next post's video)


Making our clinic handicap-accessible-
This is the ramp being put in


Various activities

At Thing 1's skating lessons --
on the day they wrap up each session,
each student is allowed to bring a friend.
Thing 1 brings Thing 2.
She already has a lot of friends in her class.

YMCA weekly homeschool class

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are 1st and 2nd in line
to kick in this game of kickball

Thing 1 reads her winning poem at the reception
for winners of the contest

Scout's toys -- she MUTILATES them.
She hones in on squeakers and does not stop
until she has gutted the toy, pulled out the batting,
and destroyed the plastic squeaker.
It's so much fun to watch.

At the YMCA
with Miss Kathryn
(She's in the middle)

At the YMCA
with "Big Fish"
(he's in the middle, too)


May Day

Celebrating May Day

Going around the Maypole

Thing 1 and Thing 2
with friends and Scout


That's all for now.
Another to follow soon.
Oh, and Happy Pi Day, everyone!


Vivian said...

Impossible to comment on all of the photos, but I loved them all. Thanks for sharing.
Cute: kids and dog.
Cool: projects and holiday celebrations.
Awesome: family

the far-away grandma

Lindsay said...

Oh we are so excited to get out there and see you guys. I am especially excited for you guys to meet Ada. I have a feeling she will love everything (It might take her a little bit to get used to Scout, though. We are not around animals too much). I swear this week already feels like it is dragging!!! Thanks for the pictures. The kids are so big now!

Zelia said...

My computer background now is the kids reading with Scout on Thing
1's lap.
Great photos. loved it.

Jimmy said...

Idyllic comes to mind. Great photos!

bythelbs said...

Comment the first: Your kids are just so dang cute. And so are you.

Comment the second: Your parties must be legend in your neck of the woods. It makes me wish I lived there and that I would be invited.

Comment the third: I've forgotten now, but it seemed silly to number the comments so dramatically and then only leave two.

Anonymous said...

I love it when you post pictures! That pizza looks so delicious! I hope to be an amazing parent like you and Mark one day. I hope to have amazing kids like yours too! Love, Kelly xo

J Fo said...

Wow! SO much good stuff. I love how diverse the activities you guys participate in are: parties, poetry, reading, music, eating lots of food...Love it!

Cristin said...

I loved looking at all the photos! They reminded me of things I've already forgotten. And that Webkinz cake is amazing. : )

the Lady said...

Isn't it amazing how much the kids grow in just one year's time. Fun stuff.
Thanks for sharing.

Boquinha said...

Thanks, all!

Lbs, I love your list. :) And thank you. :) If you were in our neck of the woods, you would so totally be invited.

Kelly, you are so sweet. I will email soon!