Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why do I get sucked in EVERY year?

It's getting tiresome, right? And no Simon, right? And seriously, J-Lo and Steven Tyler?

We didn't even bother watching auditions and I said we'd "give it a shot" once Hollywood started. I fast forwarded so much this year. So unlike me.

And then the Top 24 sang and I didn't feel compelled to blog. And besides, I have other things I want to write about! I just got caught up on A LOT of stuff hanging over me and I'm ready to WRITE!! And post pictures. UGH.

So, the whacked out, crazy results of the Top 24 almost had me venting calmly discussing their new WTH method of chopping 24 down to 13 in one fell swoop.

And that joke they call Wild Card? Where they choose 6 and have them sing to "see who will continue on," which apparently is judges' code for "get your hopes up for nothing, because we've already decided on the diva, kid-that-reminds-me-of-my-husband-Marc-Antony, and Carmen Miranda over there."

EVEN THOUGH THEY SUCK. That's right. Robbie and Kendra blew all three of them out of the water, but they had to go and choose those three.

But here's where I admit stuff.

I couldn't care less about Simon being or not being there. All along, I've missed Paula the most and Jennifer Lopez is lovely and she radiates that genuine kindness that Miss Abdul used to bring to the show.

And Steven Tyler? AWESOME. When he said that the first performance was kick-ass, I busted up laughing. You never know what he's going to say, but even when he critiques them, he sort of sounds like a kind, concerned, and loving grandpa. And not even in a creepy way. Which surprises me. Unless he's ogling the girls. That is creepy. But really, I'm seeing a whole new side to the lead singer of Aerosmith. And, like Mark says, he sounds like a greeting card on drugs. Now, in light of that very comment, every time he opens his mouth to say things, I am excited.

So J-Lo brings Paula's genuine softness and Steven Tyler brings Paula's all-over-the-place, but surprisingly articulate and erudite comments.

And Randy? Well, he borders on useless. I haven't ever really liked Randy as a judge since he's always seemed like such a follower. But I can give credit where due and I have to hand it to him this season. I don't know if it's because Simon's gone and now he's like the Big Man on Campus sitting in Cowell's chair, but he actually has the cojones to disagree with the other two. About. Freaking. Time. And bonus, Randy usually has a good ear for talent. Except for that mess of a wild card pick. That was a diva pick all the way. I was like WHAT?!?

So, the Top 13 performed and 1 got sent home. Here's my assessment. I'll try to keep it brief.

Lauren Alaina -- She's a nice girl who clearly saw that the dumb blond schtick worked for Pickler, so why not have it work for her. She sang Shania Twain's irritating song "Any Man of Mine" and it was not good. And she looked utterly abashed to receive negative feedback. It was like, "What are these words I'm hearing? Was I . . . NOT amazing??"

Casey Abrams -- I totally heart this guy. I mean, he looks like one of two things -- a serial killer or a computer geek. I choose to go with computer geek. But somehow he's making it sexy. At least when he performs. NOT when he's meeting with the producers in those ratty plaid shorts. I REALLY love that he's making geeky sexy, because well, I already KNOW it is, but now Casey can show America so they can catch up. Dude who looks like he plays hours on end of World of Warcraft in his basement while possibly dressed up as a Jedi can channel Joe Cocker like nobody's business. And I can't wait for him to break out the bass again.

Ashton Jones - Do. Not. Like. Never like Divas. So annoyed she's there at all. She's all attitude over substance. And in her interview, she referred to herself in the third person. Nail in the coffin. Her problem, contrary to what the judges seem to think, was not choosing a song no one knows. Her problem is that she stinks.

Paul McDonald - I like his voice A LOT. That being said, the way he moves around the stage reminds me of what Woody looks like in Toy Story when Andy is holding him around the middle and flopping him around the top of his toy box.

Pia Toscano - She is hot. I can say that, right? Because she is. And she sang the whatever out of that song, even though it's been sooooooooooo overdone on Idol. Or maybe I'm thinking of all the Friends reruns I've seen. Ah, Joey and Chandler. Sniff.

James Durbin - LOVE him. He can rock out any song, but even when he's not screeching and screaming, he has a beautiful tone to his voice. And I love that he sang "Maybe I'm Amazed," because I love that song (and Sir Paul McCartney).

Haley Reinhart - What? You don't remember who she is? Neither do I. She yodeled.

Jacob Lusk - When they played the intro to "I Believe I Can Fly," Mark was so hoping he'd sing "Trapped in the Closet." But no. Talk about overdone songs on Idol. Even his producers said that. But Jacob was AWESOME. I really, really like him. And they're bringing out the gospel choir on week 1? What in the world will they bring out for the finale?

Thia Megia - It's fun to say her name. She is REALLY good and doesn't seem to understand that she was complimented and not criticized. She will have a breakdown and soon if she doesn't learn to take the feedback better than she did. The judges told her she sounded like Michael Jackson, so of ALL the songs she could've possibly chosen, she chose "Smile?" Yeah, I don't get it either. Just like I don't get what the hell they did to that song. J-Lo called it a "jazzy beat," but it was like ballad-meets-hip-hop and that just doesn't ever work.

Stefano Langone - He sang and J-Lo beamed. I don't think it even matters what he does or how. He sang some Stevie Wonder song with a horrible arrangement and it wasn't great.

Karen Rodriguez - She sang in English, which is worth noting, because she usually doesn't. And, ironically, it was a Selena song. She smiles a lot.

Scott McCreery - I don't get it. He sings well, but I'm ALWAYS bored. My mother loves him, but she's always liked deep bass voices like that (why, Mom, why?). He predictably sang Garth Brooks. The most memorable part of the performance for Mark was how Ryan made fun of the backdrops. I'm sure the technical crew appreciates the constructive criticism from a guy whose toughest task at his job involves pushing a button to start his radio show (oh wait, his producer probably does that).

Naima Adedapo - Seriously, she's closing the show? We get it, she cleaned toilets, so give her a break, right? Wrong. She should still have to sing. She tried. But WHAT WAS THAT?!?!? From Gershwin to Rihanna in 7 days. I think we just titled her memoirs. Which are sure to come out next week when she's booted so that we don't have to watch anymore of that god-awful dancing. Is that what that was? She was moving and there was lightning and converse sneaker boots. I don't know. When the lightning struck and she started convulsing, Mark wanted to scream, "She's ALIVE!!" I was too speechless to say anything. But that's okay, I "overstand" what she was trying to do, even if I didn't "overstand" what on earth she was saying to her husband. What??

And then the results show. Dirty Diddy Puff Daddy P. Shawn Puffy Combs Money made me sad. I long for the days when rap was good. You know, M.C. Hammer and Young M.C. rap.

My favorite parts were fast forwarding, watching Adam Lambert, and texting my girl friend Cathy. Oh, and when . . . oh darn, I already forgot her name. Well, she left. And there was much rejoicing. Yay!


Robynne said...

Hey Stacy,

I was wondering if you were watching this year! I, too, was very apprehensive at first...I did the whole "I'll give it ONE try, and if it's bad I'm outta here" thing as well, but I started watching from the very beginning. I AM SO GLAD I DID!

I ADORE Steven and J-Lo, I fell in love with both of them from the first show. "Simon Who??" is all I have to say. :)

So many of the things they have said the last couple of weeks make more sense based on things that happened in the past - and that is one thing I *love* about this year - we got to know ALL of these contestants really well throughout the tryouts and the Hollywood more of that throwing someone in during the Top 24 and us saying "who the heck is that?"...effectively never giving them a chance. So many of them have GREAT backstories - seriously, even if I don't like their type of music that much, I HATE to see them go because I KNOW them!

Okay, rant off - I'll just finish with: I have been really surprised at how much I have loved this season...I thought the show was done, but NOT SO in my book! I wish you had watched from the beginning!!! But I'm glad you're watching now...better late than never! ;p Enjoy being sucked in!

Chelle said...

I wonder why I get sucked in every year as well. Jared and I just started watching last week, and I've never seen the process by which they choose the top 10 or 12 or whatever it is. As far as the judges, I have to say that I miss Kara. If I remember correctly, you weren't too fond of her :) I'm not crazy about Tyler. His comments are too cheerleader-ish for me most of the time. I'm surprised I like J-Lo as much as I do. Last night when we were watching the recording with the girls, Meg tattled on Randy. In her most tattling voice she said, "Mom, that boy is wearing a bracelet and I think that's rude."

Anyway, I agree with lots of your comments about the contestants. Jared and I made the same comparison to Pickler. Pia was awesome. I could have done without the yodeling. The puppeteering dancing was too distracting...I loved how Ryan made fun of it right on stage. Casey's personality reminds me a little of a previous contestant who I loved but I can't remember his name...he was "older" looking than the rest of the contestants and he just did his own thing. I want to say Taylor or something. Help me out here! Anyway...I don't get why the judges think Ashthon is all that. I don't like her at all. Was that dancing that Naima was doing? I couldn't tell. All I know is that I was uncomfortable.

One major disagreement was "I Believe I Can Fly." I didn't like it at all.

We'll see if this season is compelling enough to keep us both sucked in!

Zelia said...

Stacy, Scotty , as they call him, is by far the winner as far as I am concerned. If he loses I will hear him sing for the rest of his life.
Best voice ever in AI.

Jimmy said...

I've been waiting anxiously for your Idol reviews. It's so good to have them back.

I don't like the funky chicken dancing dude. The world already has a Rod Stewart, and he's like
70, and he still has better hair than you, Mr. McDonald.

"She yodeled." Love it.

And what's her name messed up Selena. In front of JLo--who played Selena--not with a Mexican accent but with a Brooklyn/Puerto Rican accent. I never understood that.

But I still love JLo. She has been a good replacement for Paula.

And I agree, Randy is proving useful feedback finally.

Vivian said...

Loved your synopsis. I, too was very pleasantly surprized how much I'm liking Steven Tyler. I was disappointed in all of the performers. I didn't think any of them sang as well as they did in the weeks getting to this point. Nerves? Big stage? Singing for votes? My favorites, in no particular order: Casey, Paul (love his voice, love quirky), Pia, Karen and Scott. My bottom 2 are Jacob (pick a note, any note), and Haley. Yodeler should have gone home.

Boquinha said...

Wow! You all make me feel like continuing on with the AI reviews! I had no idea -- thank you so much!!

Robynne, yep, we've been watching since Hollywood, though we did catch (online) that one guy's story about his fiancée and yes, we used some tissues on that one. :( What a guy! I do love the back stories and personalities. And I'm enjoying this season more than this past one (that whole Ellen thing was just never quite right). Sometimes it's weird to not hear more criticism than we do, but overall it's nice to have more heart in the show.

LOL, Rachelle! You're thinking of Taylor Hicks. And I have to recant some of my comments on Jacob. I wrote the review the day after they sang and my memory often sucks, so I shouldn't have done that. Let me say that I like Jacob very much as well as his immense passion, but yes, he was VERY off during that song. I had forgotten and you're right.

Oh boy, Mom. That's what you said about Taylor. ;)

Jimmy! ROTFL about Selena. I didn't realize that J-Lo played that role. I do think she's a GREAT Paula replacement. I really think that them losing Paula is what made the show go downhill this past season.

Vivian, thanks for the comment! I'm glad Ashton went home, but yes, a case could be made for Haley as well (although she was more on key than Ashton). I really, really can never stand the diva contestants, so good riddance to Ashton. I didn't see James on your list. What did you think of him?

terahreu said...

LOVE that you are back in AI mode, but I wonder if it will stay? Are you on the bandwagon? You are too good to not be. You must. Your recaps are almost as important as the episode for me.

I am still hard core. I must watch. Even if I feel like the judges are all too soft. I agree about Steven. He does have a cool grandfather vibe. (On a side note, Axel and I saw him in concert in Dubai and dude really does look like a lady.) J-Lo is sweet and is a good replacement for Paula. Randy is now the old man on the block. It serves him well. He is better this year than ever before.

I agree with everything you said. There are some crazy talented kids and others just suck. I must see the season through.

But it would be all the sweeter if your comments were waiting on my Reader....

J Fo said...

Mostly I agree with you...but... :)

I can't stand James Durbin. I don't really know why either. Maybe his face just bugs me. I d=told Greg that if I had just closed my eyes and listened last week I might have liked it, but I'm always sensitive when someone does McCartney. ;)

Also, Jacob was horrible! He was all over the place. He gets kudos every time because he pulls in so much emotion and he can hit some crazy notes. Not a fan.

I LOVE Casey and Paul. Those are my 2 favorites right now. I like quirky.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said! I adore Casey. I didn't want to watch AI this year but decided to give it a chance and am glad I did! The talent this year is insane! I have no idea who will win. Paul McDonald is a weird guy. I think he tries too hard to be different and just looks weird instead. -KC xo

katie said...

We don't watch anymore. But, even though I don't watch AI, I still really enjoy reading your posts. And I agree--Randy=useless.

Boquinha said...

Thanks, guys! :)