Saturday, May 19, 2012

Random Stories and Thoughts

We interrupt this blogging spree we're on (it's about time we sit and blog about things!) to bring you an episode of random thoughts.

Thing 2 had a GREAT baseball game the other night. He had been really unsure and nervous about getting hit by the pitched ball and was struggling. He walked once and got his first RBI. Later, he went for it, swung at the pitch, and got to first base. He then stole second. And eventually, got batted in to home plate. Of his team's 10 points that game, he was responsible for 3. So so proud of him! The best moment was when we could SEE his confidence skyrocket when he hit that ball. He ran to first and literally hopped (with a BIG spring in his step) onto 1st base.


Thing 1 has actively been pursuing getting herself an agent. All on her own, she has been scouring the Writer's Marketplace Handbook, finding agents and publishing houses, and sending her stories into various magazines. She is working on a rewrite/edit of one of her NaNoWriMo books (that turned into a 2-book set) and already has a list of places to which she can send her finished manuscript.


We have several friends who have all recently gotten puppies. They have brought their puppies over to our fenced-in backyard so that the puppies could run free off their leashes. It's been SO CUTE to see Scout enjoy "play dates" with some puppy friends.


We went to NYC this past weekend. Though we've been to NYC several times, it was our kids' first time climbing the Empire State Building. It was great!


I can not WAIT to blog more about our trip. I know it all sounds fun so far, but just wait until you see where we went after Atlanta!!


Thing 1 is saving up for a laptop. She desperately wants a portable way to work on her stories. And really, she should have one. For as often as she writes (always/constantly), it just makes sense. 


Thing 2 is interested in getting a Kindle. I think it's a good idea. Apparently, studies show that boys read even more when using an e-reader. I personally don't get it (I like the feel of an actual book in my hands), but I do see the many, many upsides. And I think Thing 2 would really enjoy that.


Mark just got his high brown belt. Now he and the kids are all high browns. That means that this fall, they will all be getting their black belts. It is a BIG deal and I'm so excited to see them test and be presented with their belts. They work SO hard. I'm so proud of them all.


I am grateful for good friends. I didn't realize how much I needed a listening ear until yesterday when I was at the park with friends and had several ears and shoulders. People often tell me I'm a really good listener. I guess that's why blogging is such a great outlet for me (that, and the fact that I love to write and process my thoughts through writing) -- I get to talk and share without interruption. Yes, I suppose people may not read. But it is still good for me. As a therapist and just in general, I hear a lot about other people's problems. And I don't mind that at all. In fact, I care a great deal about others and like to help. But, I think that maybe sometimes, people take for granted that if you're a good listener and your profession is to listen, that maybe you have it all together and don't need a listening ear yourself sometimes. Not so. I appreciate good friends who LISTEN, who care to ask how I am, and who genuinely consider the feelings of others. I needed it.


We are LOVING American Idol this year. Such a great season! I'm a little bummed that the finale isn't between Josh and Phillip - I think that would've been a GREAT finale, but I cannot deny that the talent this year has been so incredible, a clear cut winner wasn't obvious. It comes down to a matter of preference. I personally like Phillip Phillips best, but also enjoy Joshua very much, too. I can take or leave Jessica, but I must admit she is extremely talented. Pretty cool that she is homeschooled, too (Represent!).


So so so ready for summer. Already have lots of visitors on the calendar as well as places we're going, too.


I have seen the underbelly of kids' sports and it is their batcrap crazy parents. The stark contrast between our homeschool group - where everyone gets along and plays nicely - to youth sports teams in the community is almost jolting. Wow. Some of the parents . . . I'm speechless.


I don't know if I mentioned that Thing 1 got her twin blocks (orthodontic appliance #2) out! She got them out before her birthday, so she was REALLY excited about that. Braces are next, but we're not sure when yet. For anyone who is reading this and not sure what to be when you grow up and really don't care so long as you make A LOT of money, become an orthodontist.


Got the mail today - Thing 1 won 2nd place in an art contest and won $25. Thing 2 won 4th place in his category and won $10. They do not cease to amaze me!

There is a nest of baby birds in our wisteria arbor. The momma robin is guarding our back yard so well that she is a constant presence. We are keeping our eyes out for when those babies start to learn to fly!


Please keep reading our new posts below -- lots of good stuff there!


 Gotta run. Going to have a houseful of kids again today for our monthly D&D group!


J Fo said...

I LOVE how driven your kids are! Especially thing 1 with her writing and getting an agent! Can't wait to see you books at Barnes & Noble soon!

Sports can be great and sports can be horrible for kids. In my experience as a coach, it's almost always the parents that cause the problems. Bleh.

Jimmy said...

Seriously, how do you raise kids like that? They are awesome--and this is coming from a dad that's pretty dang proud of his own kids. Give them a high five from me!

Boquinha said...

Jess, I'm totally seeing that with sports . . . sad.

Jimmy, what a great comment -- bright spot in my day. Thank you! I don't know that I can take much credit -- much of it is who they are . . . they simply ARE great kids! I'd like to think homeschooling has something to do with it, but even if it doesn't, I'd still do it just because it fits us. :P

I'm so glad you like hearing about our kids -- I so enjoy learning more about your girls, too! We are all looking forward to meeting you in July!!

Emily Foley said...

Awesome about the hit and the runs. Isaac has had one hit and I'm pretty sure it was a fluke-it was the first pitch, the first swing of the game and it was so exciting-and then he didn't know where to go. He did eventually get home as well but not before running to the dugout from third. :)

I'm seriously impressed with Kate. For real. She is a very impressive 12-year-old.

Dave went to the Empire State Building last night! But he didn't climb, he rode the elevator.

I like using Dave's Kindle for the immediacy of it--I want a book, it's there in a few seconds--but I really prefer real books.

I just signed Noah up for a home schooling site called Explode the Code. I'm not home schooling him but I'm trying to get him a jump start before kindergarten with reading. I can't WAIT to start. My friend in LA that home schools has a son Noah's age that is reading on a 5th grade level, all from this program and her intense efforts. I'm so impressed with it.

My good friend here is coaching her son's t-ball team and she would agree with you wholeheartedly on the crazy-a parents in kids sports. She has to deal with 16 insane parents three times a week and she is sooo sick of it.

My seminary teacher in high school's husband was an orthopedic surgeon. When my brother James expressed an interest in being a surgeon they said "If you want to make money, it's orthodontia." They said it over and over. He didn't do it, but they were right. It's definitely where the money is.

Emily Foley said...

Wait. You're meeting Jimmy in July? Does that mean you're coming to NM, or is he going there?

Boquinha said...

Hilarious Isaac story! I love watching little kids play sports. Thanks for the kind words. Also, I should clarify that when I say we climbed the ESB, I don't mean literally - we took the elevator, too. :P Ooh, let me know how you like it (Explode the Code) - it's so fun to learn things together.

Also, Jimmy has business in DC in July, so we're meeting him for dinner or something. We're all determined to make it work. What a small world, eh, Em? He and I have become fast friends via email and blogging!

Dave Johnson said...

Congrats to everyone on their brown belts!

I know I'm definitely guilty of not listening enough, even to my own family at times. It's like I've switched over into this weird mode where because I listened to people's problems for so many years without much comment, I expect others to do the same for me now, which gets really, really old (having been on the receiving end). It becomes very one sided. I'm glad you have good INCH people to help support you when life sucks.

And yeah, your kids are awesome. I'm especially enjoying watching Kate become more and more skilled in her prose and pacing. Everything I read is such a huge leap from the last thing, I bet she gets picked up before she can legally sign the contract herself!