Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Taking a break . . .

And just when it's getting exciting, too! You'll just have to wait.

Tonight and tomorrow night are the American Idol finale (we're all rooting for Phillip Phillips all the way, though I wish he were competing against Joshua Ledet).
Tomorrow, I'm having lunch with my friend Linda.
Tomorrow night is yet another baseball game for Thing 2.
Thursday brings us more guests for the weekend (yay!).
Friday our family is joining our homeschool group at a local, old-fashioned amusement park (you know -- free parking, free admission, pay as you go, cheap food, and hey, you can bring your dog, too!).
Saturday is our town's annual Memorial Day parade (biggest in PA) and then we're having yet more guests over for a BBQ.
Sunday, we're working on something special for the kids and their new rooms. 

So it may be a while.

And for those of you who are lurking but not commenting, c'mon, really? Throw a girl a bone.

Any idea how long it takes to write a post? A lot longer than it takes to comment. ;)


Emily Foley said...

I haven't even read your posts until this morning, I swear my life insane these days, especially with Dave in New York this week. Thanks for being patient with my (no) comments. :)

Isaac had a baseball game last night at 8 pm. Ummm, that's not going to happen. Zoe goes to bed at 7:30. I felt bad that he had to miss it.

Since Dave gets to eat delicious food and see cool things all week, I'm having lunch today too...by myself! Can't wait.

Is that his real name? Phillip Phillips? I have a cousin named David Davidson, and my visiting teacher in Utah was named Holly Hollie. For real. Weird, right?

Boquinha said...

Ha! Emily, you are awesome. I am SO not at all referring to you - I can ALWAYS count on you for comments and I love that about you and appreciate it VERY much. I was calling out the lurkers. ;)

Wow, 8pm start?!? That's crazy! Seriously, that's beyond ridiculous - if kids have to get up early for school, they shouldn't schedule sports like that.

I hope you have a lovely lunch - what did you do/where did you go?

That is his name for real. It makes me wonder what possesses the parents to not be a little more original. Or maybe they are trying to be original?