Monday, May 14, 2012

Thing 2's Birthday

(Part 2 in an ongoing "How Far Behind Am I" series. It's been in my drafts section for a VERY long time. Don't even ask me why.)

Thing 2 celebrated his birthday at the beginning of January. He's already posted about it on his blog, but I'll add a few things here, too. In his own words, it was "a blast."

It started with breakfast in bed--farm-fresh sausage and Pop-Tarts. Stacy had his breakfast to him quite rapidly, despite reports otherwise. Scout and Thing 1 hung out, too.

Super Smash Bros. on the Wii is a must for any Thing 2-endorsed birthday.

Two good friends stopped by to share root beer and a pizza, two of Thing 2's favorites. They also sang "Happy Birthday," which was a treat since they are two talented up-and-comers on our local music scene.

He got to Skype with the Johnsons, currently in New Hampshire, which is seriously close compared to the 19-hour distance between here and Arkansas.

Thing 1 decided that it was all too much and succumbed to sleep. She never does this unless she is ill. Guess what? She was ill.

Thing 2 did not receive acupuncture needles from his sister. He did receive a Rubik's cube, to which he said, "Awesome!"

Thing 2 had been saving up for his own Synthesizer, but Vavó decided he needed one for his birthday. He disappeared for hours developing his new sound. He played for at least 5 hours after he got the synthesizer. I wanted to post a video of him playing on his birthday, but I'm having serious uploading issues. Don't worry. His sound is quite a bit better than this one:

Dinner that night--root beer and pizza. We went out for lunch earlier to a local coffee shop and cafe for sandwiches.

He enjoyed his requested birthday treat--mint chocolate chip shake with a candle on the side, along with birthday phone calls.

Grandma and Papa's gifts never arrive late, and I mean never. She has the mail figured out perfectly. This year it arrived a day late for some reason, but I didn't hear a single complaint about extending the birthday festivities by one day. Thing 2 responded with as much excitement as he did about any gift. This was a coveted LEGO Heroica set.

All in all it was a great day, even though Thing 1 (and eventually, Stacy) got sick. Thing 2 was in heaven and was grateful to everyone who made this day special.


Emily Foley said...

Wow! That looks like an ideal birthday for anybody, but especially a kid. Awesome.

J Fo said...

What a cool boy you have. Can't wait to hear some of his compositions!

Boquinha said...

Such a good day for him. Bummer about the sick part. And, of course, the Johnsons are now in CT, not NH. Boy, we really need to keep up on blogging better . . . :P

(Seriously -- great post. Thanks for doing it, Sweetie!). :)

Vivian said...

Since your birthday post just made it to this site, I will stop feeling bad that my gift arrived a day late :)
Seriously, thanks for sharing his day with us.

Jimmy said...

Awesome is right! And by the way, Birthday milkshakes--what a great idea.