Thursday, May 24, 2012

So I lied. So sue me.

Fine. One more quick post, because it's American Idol and I apparently can't resist.

GREAT finale!

For some unknown reason, our TiVo didn't start taping it, so when our family sat down with a table full of appetizers (we celebrate everything) half an hour into the show and turned on our TV, we were freaking out to see that it wasn't taping.

We started taping immediately, found a live blog online, and looked up video segments of things we missed (thank you,

Okay, so this is going to be quick. Just five highlights.

1. Seeing Ace Young propose to Diana DeGarmo on the American Idol stage (though I could've done without the product placement -- seriously?? Product placement during a wedding proposal? Just yuck. Oh, and I could've done without the cheesy dramatic Idol music during the proposal, too.). But, other than that, they were super cute. There's a lot of smiling and perkiness in that relationship. Good for them! So, our first big American Idol marriage. I believe that's a better track record than The Bachelor.

2. The duet with Jennifer Holliday and Jennifer Sanchez. Wow! Seriously, just WOW. If you missed it, you really must see this to fully experience it. One word: Phenomenal. Jennifer Hudson may have won a deserved Oscar, but seeing the original do her stuff to that song . . . wow. And a little shout out to the very talented Jessica Sanchez who at SIXTEEN was a worthy partner in that duet.

3. The "You Can Sing the Phone Book" skit, complete with gospel choir. Hysterical! Joshua stole the show. I really like this particular group of idols -- they all seem like genuine good friends. I love it.

4. Joshua Ledet's duet with Fantasia -- LOVED it! First of all, as long-time readers know, I love her. Watching her perform is riveting, because seeing that level of passion is a stirring and inspiring experience. Seeing that kind of passion SQUARED by the duo of both Fantasia AND Joshua Ledet? Amazing. Amazing! Now, they can sing the phone book.

5. Hearing the winner announced and seeing him perform his winning song. Our family FLIPPED when they said his name. We honestly weren't sure which one it would be, and to be fair, they are both deserving talent-wise. It comes down to a matter of preference, that's all. And Phillip Phillips is our preference. Love his voice, love his style, love him! He has a different kind of passion, than say Joshua or Fantasia, but it's very present nonetheless.

Best moment for me? When he totally lost it during his final song -- fireworks were going off, confetti was falling, people were cheering, he was playing guitar, and he looked like he was desperately trying to both keep his emotions in check and gear up to sing the final line . . . and that's when he totally went all Phillip Phillips on us (the guy has his own style and does his own thing and is always true to himself). It was as if he just said, "Screw it." He shook his head, pulled out his ear monitors, stopped playing guitar, walked off stage full of emotion, and embraced his family, overcome with emotion as the rest of the song played out.

Photo: AFP

FANTASTIC finale. Great show. Best season of Idol in a very long time! Congratulations, Phillip Phillips. Our family will for sure be buying his album.


jim said...

I agree with most of your comments with one big exception.

After it got going I could not stand Fantasia.

If I want to be screached at I know where I can go.

But rememebr i am tone deaf and can't even do a rymathic clap.

So what do I know.

Boquinha said...

Jim! You commented! I love comments - thank you!

Before I respond, I should add one more highlight -- I loved seeing Aerosmith perform, too. That was a lot of fun. I really like Steven Tyler.

Okay, so Jim, is it horrible that I'm busting up laughing at your, "If I want to be screeched at, I know where I can go" comment? :P

Yeah, it was a total screechfest for sure, but I kind of dig it with those two. I love to see when people are so excited they can barely contain themselves.

Zelia said...

Jim and Stacy, that comment was not funny. I never screamed at Jim. I just tell him how I feel.justsyn.

Boquinha said...

Bwahahahaha! That's even funnier!!!!!

Jimmy said...

I really didn't follow Idol this year, but I turned the channel in time to catch some of the ending and I totally agree with you about the best moment. I even choked up watching it hit him that he'd won and this was a once in a life time moment.

Dr. Mark said...

I wonder if Dianna had any choice words for Ace backstage after plugging his jeweler. Hope they paid him a lot for that. Loved the phone book skit, too. It was one of their more clever finale gags.

I'm really looking forward to Phillip's album. I'll let him get through surgery and his recovery before getting too antsy.

terahreu said...

I truly loved this year too! The talent was amazing and Phillip Phillips was real from the beginning to end. That is what sold him to millions of Americans, I think. He never forgot who he was, even if it meant he wore a grey t-shirt in spite of what Tommy H. thought he should wear. Definitely the best season for me!!!!

And I completely agree about Jennifer Holiday. She stole the show. I had to play it a couple of time. It was so humorous!