Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Farm Breakfast, Free Chocolate, Hibachi, Oh My!

You know, it's really weird for me that my side of the family is down to 3. I do miss my Daddy.

Here are more pictures from my brother's visit with his new fiance as well as my mom's visit:

When we get visitors, we generally try to make sure we have a Farm Breakfast on one of the mornings--we didn't go too crazy with this breakfast, but we did make some yummy food:

Dutch Babies, sausage, turkey bacon (we're not big bacon fans),
and a local, Amish treat--baked oatmel with blueberries and nuts

What visit is complete without a visit to Chocolate World?
So cool how it's all decorated for Christmas.

Enjoying a Hibachi and Sushi dinner to celebrate Bob and Lora's engagement. Thanks, Jim!
Bob and Lora get married on the 20th of December.
That's our anniversary, so we say it's a good omen--we're happy! :)

We had them sing to my brother for his birthday (December 1st)

The kids were engrossed in their reading together--very cute.
They are best friends and we're so grateful.

It just isn't a visit from Bob without a sleeping and/or computer picture. :P
It's become a family joke.

Visiting Santa

Thing 1 makes her requests
Thing 2 makes his requests

And Vavo makes hers

The Rats lent the kids a 3D movie and glasses. It was hilarious to hear the giggles and watch them try to touch the 3D images as they watched a 3D movie for the first time.

They are SO cute!!


emily said...

the one of your mom on santa's lap made me burst out laughing. congratulations to your brother!

kristenhcubed said...

I love the picture with the outstretched hand. It is so fun to watch kids during 3D movies. Come to think of it, it is fun to watch anyone watch a 3D movie. I'd rather watch people watch a 3D movie than watch the movie itself. Far more entertaining!

Swawaeve said...

That looks like so much fun. It's always fun to watch 3D movies, especially as kids.

Chelle said...

You guys are the best hosts. I'd love to know more about that baked oatmeal. Come to think of it, I'd love to know more about many of the awesome food pictures you post.

I'm curious about the photo from Chocolate World - you all look great by the way. What's in the bag and did you pick up another kid while you were there? I'd love to have a tree like that someday.

Jill O said...

Love the 3D glasses! My boys think those are the best.
And how can dutch babies, turkey bacon, sausage, and some sort of Amish goodness not be going all out? If I whipped something that fabulous up for my family, they would all fall over from the shock. It is cold cereal all the way over here, with an occasional frozen waffle thrown in for good measure.

Anonymous said...

Your Mother is very beautiful. I love looking at all of your fun photos, thanks for sharing. I imagine it must be difficult this time of the year without your Dad. Rest assured, he's still looking after his sweet baby girl. Love & Hugs, Kelly.

Boquinha said...

LOL, Emily.

Kristen, I agree.

Sierra, I agree and thanks for letting us borrow the movie!

Rachelle, thanks! Google "Amish baked oatmeal" -- it's like a granola brownie and there are so many ways to eat it. You can pour milk and sugar on it or whatever. We put fruits and nuts in it. You can do flaxseed, etc. Nutritious AND yummy. Mmmmmm.

In the bag? Pumpkin Spice Kisses. One of my favorite things about living so close to Chocolate World is we get to try all the cool, new stuff they come up with. YUM. And what other kid? The tree is massive.

LOL, Jill! Well, we didn't make blueberry pancakes and Kate's blueberry muffins along with everything else this time. :P When you come visit, we are SO eating good food.

Kelly, so nice to hear from you!! Thank you. It is difficult, more than I had anticipated/hoped. Thanks for the kind words. I've been thinking about your family, too. Hope all is well with all of you. Merry Christmas!

Chelle said...

Thanks for the Amish oatmeal tip. I can't wait to try it.

There's a kid sleeping in a stroller in your picture. I just wondered... LOL!

Do you have a favorite chocolate thing that's not so common? How fun is that to be able to sample all the new stuff?!?!

terahreu said...

So good to see your bother so happy. His new fiance is beautiful. Must have been a great time!

Boquinha said...

Oh! Favorite chocolate thing that's not so common? Probably the Mayan Hot Cocoa. Mmmmmmm. LOVE sampling the new stuff. I especially love the new kisses--the pumpkin spice one? VERY good. Like eating a little creamy piece of pumpkin pie. With spice. :P

Thanks, Terah. That's right! You guys have heard a lot of the drama of all that, haven't you? I'd forgotten that. Love hearing from you! We miss you guys.

The Magic Violinist said...

Mommy we were just goofing around!

kara said...

congratulations to Bob! Hope all went well and they're off to a very happy beginning!

Boquinha said...

Awww, Magic Violinist, I know that! ;)

Thanks, Kara! :)