Sunday, December 7, 2008

You know it's bad when . . .

. . . I get on here to post to help out Stacy. She does such a great job of keeping track of our family life but she has been completely swamped lately so I thought I'd post a "few" (few being a relative term!) pictures to help her get caught up.

You saw the Halloween costumes, but did you see the Halloween cookies? Yes, those are chocolate. And yes, they were delicious!

What a bunch of great-looking cookies!
(Did I mention that they were delicious?!)

* * * * * * * * * *

The kids also got a fun Halloween package from Vavo, complete with workbooks and chocolates. What's not to like?

Grandma also sent some nice treats for Halloween.

* * * * * * * * * *

Need a new hairdo? Call Thing 1!

Rock stars need great hair.

A Mohawk should do just fine!

* * * * * * * * * *

A new ice rink held a special homeschool open house recently--free skate rental, free skating, and a free mini-lesson. They are looking for ways to involve the homeschool community since we naturally are available during times when most kids are in school. We get to use the facilities when they aren't crowded. The rink gets a few more people in the doors. The kids were both pretty excited.

Thing 1 was in heaven.

Thing 2 was really concentrating.

* * * * * * * * * *

Our homeschool group had our first service project/performance on Halloween Day. We use our 5th Fridays to put on a performance at local nursing homes or assisted living facilities. The children put on a great performance and the residents were very happy to have them there. Thing 1 performed both a violin solo and piano solo. Thing 2 made his public debut on the piano. They both did very well, as did all of the children.

During the "curtain call."

We all had a trunk or treat activity afterward. Kids put on their Halloween costumes and went from car to car, attempting to unload all of the leftover candy. The festivities also included a group photo and lightsaber battles.

* * * * * * * * * *

Thing 1 wanted to enter a photography contest for National Geographic Kids Magazine so we went out to a wildlife preserve in our county to take some wonderful fall pictures. Thing 2 spent a lot of time sketching the things he saw. We also figured that as long as we were out there we could take some nice family photos. We had a really nice morning. We won't talk about the tick Thing 1 brought home with her to be discovered in the bath later that night.

The happy siblings

Look how strong he is!

The artist at work

(Stacy here--I highly recommend looking closely at the pictures in the slideshow by click on them and going to photobucket . . . the colors are amazing! Oh, and my husband rules. How cool is he to write this post for me. Love you, Sweetie!)


Lindsay said...

Those are awesome pictures! I love the one's out in the leaves/nature! So cool. Thing 2 hair looked pretty sweet...Scott would probably like to do that too. Maybe when we visit...Thing 1 can play around with it. Although...he JUST chopped his, maybe not eh?

emily said...

WOW. those are some fun pictures!

stacy, my feeder is working on google reader. is there something i can do to fix it on my end?

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

We just went ice skating too! Too bad we can't go together.

I love the fall pictures.

J Fo said...

LOVE the family pictures! Seriously. Frame those.

Thing 1...can you do my hair for me sometime? I think that the mohawk could work for me too!

Jill O said...

THose pictures with the fall leaves are lovely! It is so beautiful in your neck of the woods.
Looks like a fabulous fall you guys had. You are always doing such fun things!

Boquinha said...

Lindsay, bring it on! We can set up a salon!

Emily, I unsubscribed and then subscribed again--it's working now. Yay!

April, that would be so much fun!

Jessica, great idea! We oughta do that. We love those pictures. You can come to the salon, too. :)

Jill, it really is GORGEOUS here. Indescribably beautiful.

Swawaeve said...

Those are really cute pictures, I love the one of you all holding eachother. Trunk-or-Treat was so much fun, as well as the field trip before it.

Swawaeve said...

By the way I love thing
2's hair.

Boquinha said...

Sierra, you can come to the Salon, too. :) And yes, VERY fun. :)