Monday, November 3, 2008


I have this obsessive compulsion to blog in chronological order and I'm not good at choosing 1 or 2 pictures to post (I like to post LOTS!), but even though I'm super behind, I want to (gasp!) go out of order to post Halloween pictures because that's even more fun to see now than weeks from now. Here are our cute trick-or-treaters:

Anakin Skywalker--
I have several pictures of mean and serious faces, but I did manage to get a cute smile for this one!

She's Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Showers (that's when she pulls out that squirter bottle). Clever, eh?

Off to trick-or-treat!

We met up with some friends at our first stop--Anakin and that little robot are really good buddies. I have several pictures of those two and I love it! I also love that robot costume! I have a thing for homemade costumes.

After trick-or-treating, more friends joined us at our house! These are our friends and neighbors who are also in our homeschool group. What a great bunch of kids!

These 3 girls are also really good buddies. I have several pictures of these 3 and I love that, too!

Happy Halloween!


Lindsay said...

Those costumes are so fun! I love the cloudy with a chance of cute! I can't wait to officially meet you guys. So lame that we have to wait for so dang long! Scott and I really want to take a summer trip to PA...I guess we will know farther down the road!

Mom said...

Love the picture with K's carefree pose. Clever costume, as usual. M is dashing, as always. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hope they had a great time and collected lots of goodies.

kristenhcubed said...

Partly cloudy with a chance of showers? That ROCKS! Did you come up with that or did K? Too cute, too funny.

D'Arcy said...

Gaging from Thing 2's costume choices, I think she will make an excellent weather person one of these days!

emily said...

LOOOVE kate's costume. hilarious.

J Fo said...

What adorable kids you have! They are just such great little characters it seems like things are always fun around there - especially on holidays!

Terrie said...

Great costumes guys, i dont know how you guys thought of putting partly cloudy with a chance of rain into a costume, and anakin skywalker was an awsome choice. they both look very good and very creative... by the way did you guys hear about the guy who lost his left arm and leg in a car crash? hes all right now.

bythelbs said...

K's costume is so clever! I have a special affection for homemade costumes, as well. Maybe because that's what we do at our house.

terahreu said...

Love Kate's costume. So cute. I just wouldn't want to be the one who gets the 'shower'. Adorible.

Swawaeve said...

So cute and so much fun.

Jill O said...

Cute costumes! They are so creative.
My favorite thing, though, is the robot with a bicycle helmet. That is adorable. Looks like a fun night.
How did you have time for a party after? What time do you all go trick or treating? We have them coming around until 9:00, so it would be too late for a party. My friend from NJ says that there is a curfew and the kids go out right after school. I think that would be so much better.

Boquinha said...

Lindsay, we're so excited to meet you, too. Oprah just has NOT come through for us, has she?

Vivian, thanks for the comment! Also, thank you for your fun Halloween package. We have pictures of the kids holding up their lollipops but haven't yet posted. We're getting to it (I'm very behind on that stuff)!

Kristen, I found the idea one time years ago looking up "creative Halloween costumes" -- there are so many cute ideas out there!

D'Arcy, do you sense a theme? :P

Thanks, Emily! :)

Thanks, Jessica! We do have a lot of fun, I admit it. :P

Terrie, thanks! (Oh, I mean Sierra or Ronald or whoever commented under your mom's name!!) :P

lbs, thanks! Same here.

Thanks, Terah! She usually squirts it to the side for that reason. :) And thankfully, it hasn't been too cold. We're getting 68 degree weather on Friday. I hear Utah has snow!!

Thanks, Sierra!

Jill, thanks! Isn't that robot adorable? Love that kid, too. It wasn't really a party afterward, just friends dropping by. It's VERY weird how they do it here. First of all, we don't always necessarily trick-or-treat on the 31st (isn't that STRANGE?!)--we do it whenever the township designates and they usually choose a different night when Halloween falls on a Friday or Saturday (I think it's because of high school football season or maybe just worried about hijinx in general, I don't know), but it's so strange to so many of us! Anyway, it's on a designated night and it's from 6-8. Strange, but it works.