Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kids and Marriage

I wanted to share more stories based on this post and subsequent comments. I love to see kids' views on marriage.

Years ago, I was on the phone when K came RUNNING down the stairs crying (which she rarely does) and very upset, "MOMMY! Daddy says I can't marry M!" My friend on the phone says, "I better go." Yep. So we talked about how brothers and sisters don't marry and how they can still love each other very much. I told her how I had wanted to marry my brother when I was a little girl--it's normal to think that as a kid, etc. She was okay for a while and then got really upset and said, "Well now who am I going to marry?! I can't marry M. Daddy's already married to you. All the good ones are taken!"


Another time soon after that, while reading Little Women as a family, I worried about getting to the part about Beth. Sure, that part was difficult. But who expected the part about Meg to be so hard? Yes, Meg. When Meg gets married. Awful stuff apparently. K, unamused, asked why Meg had to move away from Marmee's house.

"Well, Honey, because she got married."

"Do you have to move out when you get married?"

"Well, You don't have to, but most people do."

"Well, when I get married, I'm staying here."

"What about your husband?"

"Oh, I'll give him my number so he can call me and he can visit."

Gotta love her spunk.


In another instance, K was sharing with us about her career aspirations--author, restaurateur, vet, the list goes on and on. She considers that it's a lot to juggle so she usually lays out a schedule. Monday, write. Tuesday, run the restaurant. Wednesday, help sick animals. And so forth. She talks about her husband and children as well. We ask what he's going to do. She says, "Oh he can watch the kids while I run the restaurant!" I love our little feminist. Presumably, he can watch the kids since, you know, he'll have her phone number.


So M is at the age where he wants to marry K, often asking, "Why can't I marry K?" "Because she's your sister." "But I love her!" and is none too amused about how sisters and brothers don't marry (hence his comment in that earlier-referenced post). And that is why he tells her that he's going to marry her back! I love our kids and seeing how their minds work.


Chelle said...

I hope Kate's husband will at least live close so it's convenient for him to bring the kids by for a visit.

I love little comments that give us glimpses into the way our kids see the world. Good job recording those gems!

Jimmy said...

Bouquinha--I've been silently following your blog for a long time now and I have to tell you how impressed I am and how much admiration I have for the parents you and Mark are. They sound like great kids--the kind that come from great parents.

And a Democrat to boot! I love the blogging world.

Oh--and the Bromleys--thanks for introducing them to me. I love their blog, too.

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

That is just too funny! I'm especially laughing because we have been having the SAME conversations in our house!

Read this:

J Fo said...

I love those stories! K really has quite the plan worked out there. ;)

D'Arcy said...

See, I had it all figured out in childhood too! My life used to make so much sense!


emily said...

hiLARious. especially the one about the phone number. that cracked me up.

bythelbs said...

I never wanted to marry my brother, but he's 7 younger than me, so...

I did want to marry my cousin. There's always something strangely appealing about forbidden love, isn't there?

Your kids are cute.

Jill O said...

I wanted to marry my cousin too! I have no brothers so cousins were the next best thing. I am still a little bummed that didn't work out, my cousin is a great guy.

Boquinha said...

Thanks, everyone! Would it shock you all greatly to know that my parents are first cousins? True story. Arranged marriage. They come from the same, small island and it was very common back then to do that. And I'm perfectly normal, for all those wondering. :)

Rachelle, I know, isn't that hilarious? Thanks!

Jimmy, I'm so touched by your comment!! Thank you! Please feel free to comment whenever you like! I'm so glad to meet a fellow Democrat and I'm glad you like the Bromley's blog, too. Fascinating, isn't it?

April, how did I miss that? SO cute!!

Jessica, she's so funny with the stuff she comes up with! They're great kids.

Aw, D'Arcy, I know. Bittersweet, isn't it?

Emily, we got a big kick out of that one, too.

Thanks, lbs! Forbidden love, eh? Well, for my parents it was arranged and not forbidden. But funny to tell people now!

Jill, to think . . . you could've done it if you were from my parents' island! :P

Tara said...

I e-mailed you and must have gotten it wrong because it was sent back. So here it goes, my E-mail me, I love hearing from you.