Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One of the beauties of homeschooling . . .

. . . is the flexibility to make learning be whatever we want it to be.

It's Election Day. I can't think of anything we could read or watch or talk about that would be more valuable than getting out there and actually being involved in the process. We always take our kids with us to the polling place when we vote and today, we're also volunteering for 4 or 5 hours.

It occurred to me this morning that rather than study out of our grammar text books and math curriculum, we can close our books and go out and be a part of what's going on today. So, I called the local volunteer coordinator and we're about to go out and canvass and also work as poll greeters. The kids are so excited and so are we.

Happy Election Day! Go out there and vote!


emily said...

neat! I just voted after I dropped Isaac off at school. It's POURING rain, mixed with snow, and my pants were wet to my knees by the time I got back to my car (I had to park very far away). But, no lines, so that was good! Noah helped me push the buttons and he LOVED it.

arinandevasmom said...

Just had to drop in a see what you were posting on election day! Hope you had fun out there at the polls!

Jill O said...

Way to go! What a great idea. Hope you have a fun day.

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

Sounds great.

kristenhcubed said...

We were talking about this very subject just last night. We have mail ballots. They come in the mail and we return them in the mail, or at a drop off location. On the one hand, I think it is wonderful because I don't have to lug any kids anywhere and I can take my time! On the other hand, It is important for kids to witness the democratic process and they miss that when we don't drag them out to the booths. Maybe one of these times I'll actually go to a polling location to vote and take them all with me.

Maybe not.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

That is AWESOME!!!!
I am really excited - and have been excited all day long! It's 7:12 right now and I've got the news on and probably will have it on most of the night watching the results come in. I'm planning on staying up late-late-late! :-)

There's really nothing quite like election day!

April said...

Very cool! I'm sure the energy at the polls was amazing.


cyber hug right back at you!

Boquinha said...

Emily, it's so fun to vote with kids! Good for you.

Tess, I love to hear from you. Thanks!

Jill, SO much fun. I'll post more soon.

April, thanks!

Kristen, that's right. I'd heard that about Oregon. I don't think I'd like that either. Mostly because I love the community feel of standing in line with others who are doing the same thing. Regardless of who we support, it's such a neat thing. I love visiting polling places. There's a palpable energy there (especially yesterday!). I hear you on how easy it must be to do all mail, but I think I'd opt for the hassle over convenience just for the experience and energy of it! So, how does it work--do you have to have it postmarked by the 4th? Or earlier? That doesn't seem fair. I mean what if the "October Surprise" were on November 3rd?! :P

HWHL, I hear you! Are you having post-election let down today? I am a little bit. It's weird. I feel like, "Hey, where's our leader?" . . . like I sort of miss him. I don't miss the ads and the campaigning and all of that, but I enjoy his presence and am excited to move forward. I'm excited for the press conference. :)

April, it SO was! The students from the college marched together calling out "Yes We Can" on a bullhorn. It was a STREAM of Obama stickers. I'm so excited we got to stand in line with all of them!!

Celestial Charms said...

Just found you blog and wanted to say how much I am enjoying reading it. We took our two homeschooling children to vote 10 days before the election. We have early voting here in Texas. They were absolutely thrilled to be part of the process and what a way to learn!

Boquinha said...

Hello, Celestial Charms! Thank you for visiting and commenting! Always nice to meet fellow homeschoolers! :)