Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Sunday BBQ and Games

(I'm so behind--I wrote this like 2 weeks ago) . . .

When you get beautiful weather in October, what better thing to do than have a BBQ and play croquet! I didn't know how fun that game could be.

And to continue the fun? Games and more eating, of course!

Ticket to Ride -- where Matthew decided to sightsee and travel around Europe seeing all the places he'd like, regardless of what the cards said.

Ticket to Ride -- after sending the sightseeing journeyman off to watch Star Wars . . . and we also added yet more food to the game playing.

The girls put on a magic show

Good Little Buddies - "See? This is Anakin 3! Just like me! Jedis tuck their shirts into their underwear, you know."


bythelbs said...

I love Ticket to Ride! Fun game.

Boquinha said...

I was wondering when someone was going to say that they noticed/like the game!! We love that. That and Settlers of Catan--do you play that, too?

Chelle said...

What's Fall if you can't sit in a big pile of leaves? So fun! I can't wait until next year when we can look up on Mount Timp and see a spread of color!

I want to go to Chocolate World!

Chelle said...

Looks like I posted my previous comment on the wrong post. Wish I could say that's the worst thing I've ever done.

Ticket to Ride is such a fun game. Have you played the United States one? Jared's sister is getting us the game for Christmas, but we don't know which version. We thought the U.S. one would be good for helping the kids (and me) with geography.

Ticket to Ride gave us a nice break for the over-used Settlers last time we visited our families. I still love Settlers though. Whenever we visit family we can't go without hearing, "Is everyone ready to Settle?" Sure. I'll Settle.

Dr. Mark said...

Chelle--We actually don't own the U.S. version of Ticket to Ride. We love the European one, though. We also have the Marklin edition. It's all in Germany and has a lot of complicated ways to make points. The Swiss version is fun, too, but it's only for 3 players.

Boquinha said...

Rachelle, when do you guys move exactly? We want to see you on our road trip!

We LOVE Ticket to Ride AND Settlers. Have you played the Seafarers and Cities and Knights versions? Mark has won two awards for submitting game ideas to the makers of Settlers! Ticket to Ride online is really fun, too.

Chelle said...

I must admit that we are Ticket novices. We've only played the European version, but it was enough to whet our appetite for more. The Marklin edition sounds intriguing.

Mark, congratulations on the awards! Holy cow! You guys are always popping out surprises.

Stacy, We've played Seafarers, so naturally during the course of the game one player will announce to another, "I sail."

June. Yay! When is your road trip?

I know it's polite to respond to e-mails, but apparently you've figured out that blog comments are more effective for me these days. I'll dig up that e-mail in the next little bit and answer your questions...pinky promise!

Boquinha said...

Rachelle, the USA version is fun, too. They all are! And Cities and Knights version of Settlers is SO fun if you're in a mood to GET someone!

Not sure exactly of dates yet. We can keep you posted!