Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Something Fun

I came across this game today by chance. It's kind of fun to see how much world geography you know. Watching 13 seasons of The Amazing Race sure helps, too!

(For the record, I only spent about 7 minutes playing this game. But my competitive side wants to keep playing!)


Rebecca said...

Very fun!

D'Arcy said...

ooohhh, I will have to play this. i used to have a shower curtain with all the countries of the world on it. I would memorize and dream about places as I showered, it was awesome!

i am super competitive though, so I better put aside some time to do this.

Thanks Mark!

J Fo said...

Has there really been 13 seasons of the Amazing Race? Wow. You guys should sign up if they do the family thing again. You'd be perfect!

Boquinha said...

Rebecca, yeah, we've been enjoying this one.

D'Arcy, cool shower curtain! And hey, look at that! Another similarlity--I'm super competitive, too!!

Jessica, yep. We love that show. But I'm a big chicken. I often say, while watching, "Nope, not even for a million dollars would I do that." :P