Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Stuff

Look at me, catching up on blogging. Good times. Oh, and is Blogger loading pictures in reverse order for anyone else?

Our kids LOVE these books and LOVE doing different activities from them.

Here are our cuties working on Japanese shadow drawings and poems

We attend classes as a homeschool group at a local wildlife preserve. Here is our teacher pulling out varous bird feet to identify. Yes, they're real. And yes, the box says "Feet are Neat."

M and his buddies work on identifying bird feet

K and her friends work on identifying bird feet

It was a gorgeous fall day so we took pictures in the leaves and threw leaves all over one another:

The ubiquitous light saber

Laying in the leaves

Cute smiles

I love my kids!

Happy Fall!

Playing in the leaves is so fun!! We love where we live! It's GORGEOUS!

I love this picture of my good-looking husband and cute kids watching some Clone Wars episodes online together. We have SUPER basic cable and don't get a lot of channels, but they upload a lot of shows these days so we watch these that way.

Our mudroom--we're hanging bunches of parsley from our garden to dry and use.
I love this picture.

In our clinic waiting room (which is all part of our farmhouse) on the day of our ribbon cutting to celebrate our first year of business -- we set out teas, cocoa, and yummy cookies. And hey, we got our picture in the paper, too!
Me and my sweetie celebrating our first year in business

At our Government Club (run by that guy in the suit . . . he's an attorney and also one of our homeschool dads), the kids debate the issues!

And because Physics class, lunch out together, and government club just wasn't enough for one day, why not go to Chocolate World with your friends, too?

Who cares if you've ridden the ride a hundred times, it doesn't get old to get free chocolate!

And hey, why not eat out with friends for dinner that night, too? The owner came by and gave each of us a HUGE free shrimp appetizer "just because." How cool is that? What's really funny is that we returned to Chocolate World for dessert. :P

Yet another picture I couldn't resist . . . our book club is a food club, too.

And, because we're so proud of him, check out how well Thing 2 is doing with his reading! And he's 5, so you know--read a book and then stick your smelly feet in the camera with glee.


Lindsay said...

Haha...M has quite the scream! So fun. I wanna go to the chocolate place for a treat, then dessert.

Jill O said...

Oh where to begin, so much to comment on.

We LOVE The Dangerous Book For Boys. Many an idea and project has found it's way to our home from that book.

Um... the feet are nasty. That's all I have to say about that.

Our fall has been a bunch of soggy wet leaves and my kids have totally been missing some good leaf jumping. Cute picture.

Happy one year anniversary! That is really exciting!!!!

Government club? I gotta say, you guys have a club for everything. I think that is totally awesome. Do you organize them all or do you just seek them out and join? You really do some neat stuff.

What exactly is chocolate world? It sounds FABULOUS! Anything chocolate has gotta be great.

AWESOME READING TO M!!!!! That was so great. I love to hear my kids read when they are just starting out. They are so proud and cute. And the stinky feet was just an added bonus to the greatness.

Swawaeve said...

Those are such cute pictures. And yes I also have been dealing with pics in the wrong order.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I love ALL of these pictures!! The parsley, the kids, you and your hubby celebrating making it through that first VERY TOUGH year in business (whew! here's a virtual High Five from me!!)... you guys have a GREAT life and the smiles on your radiant faces just bears witness to that! Bravo, Stacy, Bravo!! :-)

Boquinha said...

Lindsay, OKAY! :)

Jill, go figure we have that in common. :P Thanks for the congratulations! Government Club--kids request them (in our group) and we adults help create them.

Chocolate World IS fabulous! And it's free. You ride a ride and learn how Hershey's Chocolate is made. Then you get free chocolate. It's all good! Then you walk around SO MANY Hershey's stores with all kinds of treats--cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, various chocolates, etc. YUM! Wanna visit?

Yeah, I love that, too. People always talk about first steps, first words and those are great, too. I think "first reading" ought to be on that list of great firsts!! :) *Especially* with stinky feet!

Thanks, HWHL!! Thanks for the high five--right back at ya! :) Thank you so much!!

Boquinha said...

Thanks, Sierra--glad to know it's not just me!

terahreu said...

Cute stuff, Stacy. It is soo fun to see all of your activities. It makes me feel like I am living the eastern US fall life. I love it. Thanks for sharing!

Boquinha said...

Thanks, Terah. It's fun how we can share our stuff with each other and learn so much about such different ways of life! Thanks to you, too!

J Fo said...

Nothing like keeping busy with fun stuff and lots of chocolate! I *LOVE* the pictures of you with the kids!

Boquinha said...

Thanks, Jessica!!

bythelbs said...

Oh, the fall leaves! My girls would be so jealous. My 9 year-old was just lamenting the other day over not having any leaf-shedding trees in our yard to provide leaf-jumping piles.

Beautiful pics and kids!

Boquinha said...

Thanks, lbs! Is it all evergreens where you are?

D'Arcy said...

I am finallly sold! Home school it is for me (ha, ha, I guess I still need to find a husband first...but you know, I like to plan ahead!)

Boquinha said...

Well, D'Arcy, when you find him, consider PA--wonderful place and only 2 hours from NYC and DC! :) Plus, we're here!!

Em said...

You are always doing such fun, great things with your schooling, I want to be as coola teacher as you some day!

Boquinha said...

Awww, thanks, Em! :)

Cookiemonsterette said...

I bumped into Mark on facebook a couple weeks ago. Anyway, he just mentioned that you homeschooled. It's funny, Jenny and I got talking about blogs last summer and she mentioned you guys had one. I checked it out, but I didn't realize then that you were homeschooling. That's AWESOME! I homeschool my son Ethan. If you don't mind, I was wondering if I could pick your brain a little bit. Do you do it independantly or go through a Charter school? What curriculum do you use? What's your schedule like? I get pretty worked up when it comes to education. It's so good to know other people are doing it too. Thanks!

Dr. Mark said...

As far as homeschooling goes, we don't use a charter school or any other formal organization. We do have a really great homeschool group Stacy helped to form about 2 1/2 years ago. Our group gets together at least weekly to do group classes and activities, go on fieldtrips, and the like. It's really a phenomenal group.

We started out using The Well-Trained Mind as a curriculum, and still use a lot of their recommended books and course work. We have been trying to find ways to incorporate a lot of "free" learning as the children express interest in topics. That's been a lot of fun and a good source of learning for them. In general we try to start our school day around 9 and then go until we're done with what we've planned for that day. We often change our plans midstream, but that's one of the beauties of homeschooling--the flexibility. We also love the time it gives us together as a family.

That's school in a nutshell.

Robynne said...

Congrats on 1 year, TIME FLIES!!!!

Boquinha said...

Thanks, Robynne! We're pretty proud/excited! :)

Hey cookiemonsterette, thanks for popping by! We love homeschooling very much. Mark has summed up nicely how we approach it. :) Thanks, Sweetie.