Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Random Things

Here's what we've managed to get from our garden before the first frost. Our friend Ronnie told us that if you wrap up your tomatoes and peppers in newspaper and put them in the basement, they'll ripen for use. So, we're trying that. We've also frozen a lot of veggies. The rest are being used for compost on our soil. We love having our own garden and compost pile!
It's really thrilling!

Here are our two cuties snuggling on the couch. I couldn't resist taking this picture after hearing Thing 2 tell Thing 1, "K, when you get married, I'm going to marry you back!"
I love them so much!!

My AWESOME blogger friend bythelbs sent me this consolation prize from a contest on her blog celebrating the season premiere of The Office! I love it!! This package seriously had me GIDDY with excitement! I got AWESOME sticky notes that say, "Dunder Mifflin, This is Pam" on them, a VERY cook Office magnet, 2 mechanical The Office pencils (which I'm really thrilled about since I haven't used a mechanical pencil since like 4th grade!), and an awesome The Office Dwight Schrute pen that tells you a different Schrute fact every time you click it!
Lbs, I LOVE this package. Again, thank you SO SO much!! YOU are awesome!

Thing 1, of her own accord, on a beautiful fall day, decided to do research on The Great Depression. She's been reading A LOT of American Girl Series books and one of her favorites is the Kit Series. She and I saw the movie on a mommy-daughter date and we HIGHLY recommend it. It's fabulous! I laughed, cried, it's a great movie. Anyway, she got this book from the library all about that time period and she has been making a lot of lists of ways to be thrifty and resourceful. She's even written a book of tips about it! This is one of the things I love about natural learning. This was not an assignment or a request. She did this because she wanted to and she absolutely LOVES learning! The thrill and joy of learning! Look at her smile. We love it!

Thing 2 and I played some games while she did her research. It was such a gorgeous spring-like October day, so we played outside for much of the day, because, well, why not? Why be cooped up inside when we don't have to be?

These pictures are from our Geography Game Day. We all got together and played LOADS of geography games. We all played for two hours and everyone wanted more, more, more! So, we started an extra-curricular Geography/Government club! We meet once a month and one of the dads (a lawyer) in our group leads us and teaches us all about politics, various forms of government, and so forth. We enjoy debates, interactive maps, interesting lectures, discussions, quizzes, you name it. We have SO MUCH FUN! The kids also get to create their own countries and laws and governments. It's a wonderful group! We've been having fun with the election especially.


D'Arcy said...

Man, I wish Thing 1 could come and teach my 10th graders a thing or two. During fourth period, a large class of 31 kids...only ONE boy did his homework.


Education makes me cry too, usually not for the same reasons as you.

emily said...

Wow, good for Kate!

kristenhcubed said...

My sister is taking a military history class in college. Maybe Thing 1 could help her out with that! And all the veggies, very impressive.

Chelle said...

I love veggies from the garden (I just don't like to plant, weed, water, harvest, etc.)! We actually just let our tomatoes and peppers ripen in a bowl on the counter. Our tomatoes this season have been particularly yummy.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Your kids are so cool! They are going to look back on these years and have SUCH an appreciation for all you have done for them and for the great education they got!

PS: On another note, I still can't believe what I admitted to on D'Arcy's blog.... I know you got a good laugh out of it!! LOL!

bythelbs said...

I'm drooling over your green peppers. I <3 the green pepper.

And how cute are your kids?

Glad you liked the goodies!

Boquinha said...

Awww D'Arcy, that stinks. You are a fabulous teacher. They don't know how lucky they are to have you.

Thanks, Emily and Kristen!

LOL, Rachelle! Our tomatoes have been yummy, too. I *love* grape tomatoes especially.

Thanks, HWHL. Your comment was SO SO SO SO SO funny. I totally laughed out loud! LOVED it. And love that you admitted it! :P

Lbs, green peppers? I like them (dipped in hummus), but they also make me burp. :P Thanks! And seriously, THANK YOU very much for the goodies. I wanted to get this posted even earlier as a thank you to you!!

Robynne said...

How fun to eat the stuff from your own garden!! :) Haeley also LOVES the American Girl stuff - just another similarity! It's so fun to see all you're up to!

Boquinha said...

There really are a lot of book-y similarities. I love it!

terahreu said...

What a great harvest! It looks like salsa time!

Your kiddies are just so cute and happy. Love that Kate loves learning so much she designs her own assignments. That'a girl!

Boquinha said...

Thanks, T. We would LOVE to homeschool with you guys. Here or there. Either way. :P