Friday, October 24, 2008

Thing 2 is Thinking Ahead

Thing 2 (5 years old) has presented me with a list of movies he can watch when he turns 13 so that we don't forget:

More cute kid stories:


Mommy: If I could make my own world, no one would die
Kate (excitedly): Shangri-La!
(We’ve been studying Tibetan history) :P


At the suggestion of several kids in the group, our homeschool group just started a government/geography club. We get to learn all kinds of fun stuff about government and politics (with cool election information and a visit from our local representative!) and geography and we get to do all kinds of neat projects. Yet another of the dads is heading this up--a lawyer whose undergrad is in Political Science.

The kids are excited to create their own countries and laws and militaries and so forth (like a giant Risk game!). Some of the boys are especially excited about strategies and conquering other countries and stuff like that. I've told our kids about it. They're very excited. This is our sweet, 8-year-old daughter's response:

"Oh, I know! I'll make my own country where people are different colored crayons! Or a country where animals talk!"

"That sounds very creative, honey! I think they group is doing more of a real-life approach without imaginary creatures."

"Oh." (Pauses, thinking). "Well, can my country have states?"


"Then I can make up state flowers for each one and state birds like the make up bird!"


10/07/08 - (overheard while the kids were cuddling on the couch)

Our son M (5 years old) to our daughter K (8 years old): Kate, when you marry someone someday, I’m going to marry you back!


I really love being a Mom and enjoying the great personalities in our family!


Jill O said...

That list is too cute. Way to get a head start on things. =)

We told Kaden a few years ago when he was 6 that he could grow up and get married. He didn't take it well at all! He was so upset at the idea of moving out and leaving his family. To calm him down, I had to tell him I was just kidding, he didn't have to get married and he could live here forever. It worked, but we'll see what he thinks in about 15 years.
It made me happy that he loves us so much.

emily said...

I love the cute things kids say. I'm glad we have blogs to record them, 'cause otherwise we'd never remember.

Boquinha said...

You guys have inspired me to write a post about this. I'm so glad for blogs, too. I love how much we all keep in touch this way!!

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

How did I miss this? That is too funny.