Friday, October 24, 2008

Kids Get Out The Vote!

I'm proud of our kids for caring and being excited about the democratic process. They didn't have to help me (I volunteered with the Obama campaign to help people register to vote . . . for EITHER party, for the record--it was a non-partisan table) that day . . . they wanted to. They often say that they wish they could vote. And that's what they yelled out to passing cars:

"Register to vote! Final week! Don't miss it! If I were 18 I'd vote!"

And look how cute they are! I could just EAT them!

C'mon everyone, register to vote!

Cute little activists :)

We had a playdate the next day and that was fun, too.

And this is what I call "What Happens When You Take Things One Day At A Time" . . . it works REALLY well and stress and anxiety decrease. But sometimes, you get to oh, let's say you're business anniversary, and you try to order a cookie bouquet with same day delivery only to find that they need 2 days notice for your area. So you research other sites. Same thing. So you call your local bakeries (because you want to do something different than flowers) and hey, they need a day's notice, too! So, you use your friend's idea (mother of kids at said playdate) and go to the grocery store and buy a big cookie and have them write something on it. That works.


emily said...

good for you and your kids.

kristenhcubed said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks my kids look good enough to eat!