Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Creativity

It's not anywhere near my favorite holiday and there's a lot I don't like about it, but I *do* like creative costumes, trick-or-treating at our friends' houses, the kids' excitement, fall, fun foods, and fun traditions. We make our Halloween costumes and it's fun to see how creatively we can do it. Here are pictures of our costumes over the years:

Our first Halloween with a baby--what to do, what to do. We couldn't decide whether or not to dress her up. So, on the day itself, I was feeling sort of lame for not doing something, so we noticed she was wearing all blue so I picked off a piece of fake plastic plant, put it in her hair (so much hair!), and called it a blueberry costume. Yay us.

The next year, she had a bit more interest in the process, so we all dressed up as doctors. Not too much of a stretch for Mark. This was his third year of medical school.

The next year--a gumball machine!
I *love* this picture!

So, the next year, we started enjoying REAL fall weather in beautiful PA (after having lived in the desert of AZ for over 4 years). Unfortunately, I was dealing with horribly debilitating depression, but somehow I managed to sort of dress the kids like farmers.

The next year, the creative juices were flowing more and I dressed K up as a fridge. M would have no part in dressing up as the bag of groceries that I made. So he wore a pumpkin jacket and we called it good.

I was doing significantly better the next year and pulled off homemade cat costumes!

Aren't they the most adorable kitties?

The kids requested homemade Batman and Ladybug costumes the next year, so we obliged:

And this past year, they requested these--A Mummy and "Raining Cats and Dogs" (poor K had just twisted her ankle--it was NOT easy to hobble with the unevenly weighted umbrella)!

So, Food.

Every once in a while, we make mummy hot dogs (these are from K's Archaeology Birthday Party):

But every year, we make these DELICIOUS recipes--soup in a pumpkin and dinner in a pumpkin. DIVINE! And so so pretty.


April (Thorup) Oaks said...

I loved this post. It was so much fun to see all the costumes. The blueberry cracks me up!

I'm so sorry you had such a problem with depression that one year. Did you get over it or do you still struggle? You certainly don't seem to struggle except for when you miss your dad. Anyway... I'm curious how you got over the depression. I'm curious how anyone gets over depression.

emily said...

I wish I could be creative like that. I especially love the fridge! I thought about doing a home-made Wall-E costume this year but time got away from me and I didn't. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Yeah, that's it.

Lindsay said...

So dang cute. I love the kittie pictures. The gumball machine was pretty awesome. I love that M wouldn't dress up as a bag of groceries. He IS a true Foley!! :)

D'Arcy said...

These were SO great to see!!!

As an English person, I am always someone literary:

The Lady of Shalott

Jane Austen (My whole title was Jane Austen Famous Authoress and Spinster)

Wicked Witch of the West

Dorothy Parker

and this year......

you'll find out Saturday!!

kristenhcubed said...

Well for somebody who doesn't really adore halloween you sure have come up with some clever costumes over the years. I'm surprised you put that much effort into it. I LOVE Halloween and I can't even put that much effort into it. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Jill O said...

My favorite was definately the raining cats and dogs. How clever! Your kids are so fun and adventurous. Thanks for this post, it was very fun to see all the great costumess

bythelbs said...

My favorite costumes have always been the homemade or non-traditional thrown together ones. That's all we know how to do at our house. The cheaper the better!

Cute kiddos!

Boquinha said...

Thanks, April! It was fun to put together. I think it might've even made me slightly baby hungry. But then I got over it.

I've been able to kick depression in its behind, but it hasn't been easy. I feel it's something I have and work to stay on top of things so it doesn't get the best of me. I used to think it was a temporary thing that I "got over" but then whenever those feelings would creep back in, I'd feel like a failure. This way, I'm not failing. I'm just dealing with something I have. That's my theory anyway. I've been thinking about posting about therapeutic tips (maybe like a weekly thing) that have helped me and help my clients. Maybe I'll do that.

Thanks, Emily! The fridge was easy. A lot of the homemade ones are. I don't sew so it has to be easy. :P

Thanks, Lindsay! And great point!

Thanks, D'Arcy! Why am I not surprised? I think it's great. I'll be checking your blog to see!

Thanks, Kristen! I promise it's not that much effort--I don't sew. It's gotta be easier than that. :P

Thanks, Jill! I'll post soon to show this year's costumes. :)

Amen, bythelbs! And thanks. :)

terahreu said...

Wait a sec...That stucco pillar behind you in your Dr costumes looks oh so familiar.

I remember you coming by! That was so fun cause I think you were the only ones who came to visit.

Adorible costumes by the way!

Boquinha said...

Yes, Terah! That's your old house in AZ! Thanks! :)

Swawaeve said...

Their costumes are sooo ADORABLE!!! And your ideas of pumpkin dinners look so cool.

Boquinha said...

Thanks, Sierra!

Chelle said...

I love all the costumes you've created over the years. You are so creative. I hate the costume part of Halloween - I'm lacking in that creative department big time. Poor Leah usually ends up being whatever Brita was the year before. And Brita knows her choices are limited to whatever costume catches her eye in the store.

We were big time bummers this year. Today in church Brita was devastated when she realized Halloween was over and we didn't even carve (or purchase) pumpkins this year. I thought we'd gotten away with it, but shame on me. I should have known and done better!

Boquinha said...

I get more credit than I deserve. I was inspired by the two kids who eventually moved in across the street from me as a kid--they used to dress up as things like baskets of laundry and trash bags. I thought it was so clever. As for being creative, well, it may be more acurately attributed to being a good researcher . . . just Google "creative Halloween costumes" and you'll see LOADS of ideas! :P