Saturday, October 18, 2008

Palin as President

I love sites like this--hover with your mouse, click on stuff, etc. They're adding something new every day until election day. My favorites are:

* The Globe (click several times on everything--sometimes different things happen)
* The Red Phone
* The 2nd Window

I'm able to laugh but it's also kind of sad. Mostly, I'm glad it's not looking likely that they'll win. Heaven help us all indeed. Anyway, whatever your political views, enjoy the site!

Tina Fey is certainly making the campaigning and election more bearable, eh? H/T to Julia for this site. Thanks!


jaredski said...

My problem with ripping on Palin is that she has every bit as much experience as Obama. Probably more. What executive experience does "The One" have? The only thing he's proven successful at is running for office. Once there he turns his attention to running for another office. This is the kind of politician we have no need of. Heaven help us all indeed.

Boquinha said...

Argh! The argument that Palin has the same amount of experience as Obama is absurd! He is a lawyer and a United States senator. His law degree alone gives him more knowledge of how the US government works than her . . . anything, pick something!

Boquinha said...

(I'm not saying he's the most experienced guy on the block, but c'mon, he's got more than Palin). Plus, I bet he can name some newspapers.

jaredski said...

Just because Palin didn't want to give a free endorsement to any magazines or papers doesn't mean she can't read.

Being a governor and mayor gives her more executive experience than Obama and his snooty law degree. And by all accounts she did a great job in her previous experiences.

Answer me this. What has Obama accomplished in his life except for getting elected and writing books about himself?

Boquinha said...

Did you see the interview, Jared? She wasn't thinking about endorsements. I don't even think she knows what those are. She couldn't name any! Or do you think it was simply "gotcha media?"

McCain's pick of Palin (though I don't think it was his idea) has imploded his campaign.