Sunday, October 19, 2008

A note on appearances

Just a note--I know it seems like we do a lot of stuff. And we do. A LOT. But the beauty of our flexibility is that we also have days and days of nothing/whatever we want. I don't blog about those as much, because, well, it is what it is and we're usually enjoying our family days at home. :)


bythelbs said...

I'm so glad you posted this as you were making me feel like a complete failure as a mother.

By the same token, I'm nowhere near the nutjob I come off as in my blog. No, really!

Jill O said...

I was thinking the same thing! You guys are always off on some fabulous adventure and I was feeling like my mothering skills were coming up short. ;) Glad to here their are some lazy days in there too.
But how great to live in a place that offers so many neat things to do. How do you learn about all this stuff?

Boquinha said...

Oh my goodness, please don't feel badly!! Think about it--we homeschool and we're together as a family all the time and I'm taking pictures at the things we do as part of that. It'd be like you guys being with your kids all day taking pictures of all the cool things they're doing in school! Since it's simply part of what we do, I get to blog about it, but it doesn't mean we're super parents. :P

Yeah, someone said something to me about how it seems we're always on the go and it occurred to me that that may be how it seems but there are often LOTS of days of simply being home playing and reading and hanging out. I LOVE days like that. I like that homeschooling for us offers both--I feel like they're growing up so fast and it overwhelms me daily!! So I'm soaking it all in. :P

Maybe I should post about the less exciting, non field-trip days. Can you imagine?

Here's us doing math. Here's us playing games. Here's us reading a book. Here's us sitting on the couch. Oh, look at that! It's us eating lunch! Hey, that's us in the backyard. Oh look, there's that time we sat there and talked and did nothing else. You get the idea . . .

Boquinha said...

Oops, I forgot to answer Jill's question. Everyone in our homeschool group pitches in--one woman coordinates all the field trips with the help of a kids' committee. They meet at her house 2-3 times over the summer and, after gathering input from everyone, put together a list of monthly field trips and outings. The kids also make the phone calls and arrange it all.

Plus, we're a nerdy bunch, so we tend to share via email all the cool things going on in the community when we hear about them. There are TONS of things available all around us--I don't think I'd know about most of them if it weren't for this homeschooling lifestyle.