Saturday, October 11, 2008

Explanation of Benefits

Okay, so for all of you who are confused about the blog award . . . here is your explanation of benefits:

Again, the winners of this award are:

Shawn and Rebecca
Axel and Terah
Emily L.
Jared and Rachelle
Happy Wife Happy Life

And my sisters-in-law:


And my cousins-in-law:


1. What is a blog award?

It is something you can proudly display on your own blog and bestow on others, too, if you so choose.

2. Why did I get this award?

Because Boquinha thinks you're cool.

3. What does it mean to get a blog award?

It means you win an honor for something. Many blog awards celebrate friendship or being a great blogger or making people laugh or blessing the world with goodness. The blog award basically means one blogger says to another, "I think you're pretty neat, so here's an award. Post it proudly."

4. What does this particular award mean?

Who knows? That's what's funny. This particular blog award must've started out in Spanish--likely one Spanish-speaking blogger made it and gave it to others and it got sent around the net. I suspect that once it was bestowed on someone who didn't speak Spanish, that person wanted to know what it said and so they put the text in to get a direct translation. Babelfish will directly translate the text but it will not always make sense since it's not a general translation. It is word for word which is why what comes out of it is sometimes, as in the case of this award, so humorous. So, instead of this being about making people smile or being funny . . . it's about propagating the bows of friendship and proximity. Get it? Yeah, neither does anyone else. One of the reasons I love this award.

5. What do I do with it?

If you feel so inclined, you post it on your blog in a post, on the sidebar, both, whatever, to show off that you've won it! And that someone thinks you deserve an award of proximity and to show the marvel of friendship with bows that are propagated. :P And if you're really feeling the love (or in this case the proximity), pass it on and propagate the fun.


April (Thorup) Oaks said...


terahreu said...

Oh, I feel so much better. For a minute there I thought I was not as swift as everyone else. I wasn't following it, but now I totally get it! I accept with great, great pride! :)

Swawaeve said...

Thank you for for making it much clearer since I had no idea what it meant.

bythelbs said...

I love that you felt the need to do this follow-up post. Hilarious! And awesome!

Awesomely hilarious!

Lena said...

lol! Oh good- I was thinking my brain had given up on me- ha! That is an awesome award! I shall display it proudly ;)

D'Arcy said...

I wish the explanation of my insurance benefits were so clear!!!

Thanks again for the award. I am HONORED!!

Boquinha said...

It's funny how many people didn't get it but didn't want to dare say thinking it must've been them. Who knew there were so many ways to mess with people through blogging! LOL! Seriously, that wasn't my intent (my intent was to award a funny award!), but I got a kick out of it nonetheless.