Sunday, October 19, 2008

Speaking of Great Quotes

Thanks to Axel for this one:

You know something is from God when it starts good and gets better.

Way to go, Axel. I love that quote. I, too, feel this way about being married to my best friend and raising our family together. :) Thanks for sharing.


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Hi Stacy - yes, we were stationed in the Azores at Lajes Field for 3 years when I was very young... in fact, that's where my younger brother was born.
I really want to go back... my memories now (as you might imagine) are very blurry... but I remember how lovely (and WINDY) it was.... one day, I'll return!

My parents have wonderful memories of their time there... they learned to speak the language and can still manage to hold a conversation, although their Portuguese has become rusty from lack of use, of course.

Boquinha said...

HWHL, that is so neat!! I've been there twice (to Sao Miguel) and it's gorgeous. It's like going to another time as well as place. If you get a hankering for some good Portuguese food, come on up and visit! :)