Saturday, October 4, 2008

What PMS looks like

Lindsay, this picture is just for you--I took this picture soon after we talked about cravings. :P

As an explanation for everyone else, this picture was taken at 11pm about a month ago. Yep, those are various deep-fried Chinese appetizers and Won Ton Soup. At 11pm.
DON'T lecture me.

And yes, I said "about a month ago" so though I don't have pictures of it, yesterday, my good friend Rebecca came over and we ate Dutch Babies, Chips and Salsa, Cookie Dough, Oatmeal-Peanut Butter Cookies with Heath Bar Chips, and Nestle Toll House Pie. At 1am.

Next month's menu? Whatever I want.


kristenhcubed said...

You'd better be careful, everyone will start to think you are pregnant. Unless you are and that's what you want us to think. Hmmmmmm?

Lena said...

Oh man- I SO could have used all of that last night.

Lindsay said...

Haha...awesome! You should have called..I would have joined you.

Jill O said...

Next time such a gathering occurs, let me know. I may just be willing to hop a flight and join you. :)

D'Arcy said...

Once a month I make a HUGE batch of brownies with extra chocolate and drink organic whole milk. I told you was making pumpkin something, but the chocolate won out!

Whatever you want! Exactly!!

J Fo said...

AMEN. Mine usually has something to do with homemade chocolate chip cookies (made by Greg) and a large Diet Dr. Pepper! (That's actually what I had for breakfast today...shush, don't tell!)

Boquinha said...

This is so funny--I think a bunch of us are on the same cycle! Just like in college! :P

Kristen, nope. I am the total opposite of pregnant. :P NOT pregnant.

Lena, come on up!

Lindsay, hahahaha! Dang it, I should've called!

Jill, you bet. I would LOVE that! And bring that baby so I can squeeze her cute cheeks!

D'Arce, we have a recipe for from-scratch chocolate peanut butter cream cheese swirl brownies. They are AMAZING!!

Jessica, for breakfast?? Go Greg!! And of course, you eat some dough, too, right? I'm curious what recipe all the boys use--think it's the same one? Vivian's?