Monday, October 27, 2008

Why Republicans Vote for Obama

After so much discussion on our blog about Democrats vs. Republicans and people asking questions like how can a conservative person possibly vote for a Democrat and things like that, I've found a short video that sums it up well--there are a variety of remarks on this short video and if you watch this, you'll get an overall picture of why we support Barack Obama.

I'm sure that those who have already made up their minds to convince themselves that he's some kind of socialist sociopath will roll their eyes at this, but I believe that if you listen with an open mind, you'll at least understand why so many conservatives and Republicans are voting for him.

I don't particularly see myself voting Democrat or Republican, but rather voting for a leader and for me, that's Obama (I very much agree with the line towards the end about Reagan and Clinton, with their different ideologies, and how they've galvanized our nation and helped us believe and then made things happen).

(And for the record, I've reached the point where I'm tired of talking too much about it. By now, with the election in one week, most people have made up their minds. I'm ready for the election to BE and move on. May the best man win. And may God protect him.)


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Amen, Stacy, amen.
I'm tired of talking about the election, as well.... and more than that, I'm UBER-tired of getting email after email from well-meaning (read: "concerned") conservative friends who clearly think I'm making a mistake by not voting for McCain, and are trying hard to prevent me from making what they feel would be a big mistake....


Some of the stuff out there circulating the email universe is truly remarkable (and frightening). Not only is it written so poorly (and with such a "fear-monger" tone) but what alarms me the most is what people are willing to BELIEVE and simply forward along without doing any research to see if what they are forwarding is fact or FICTION. (case in point: the "crazy McCain Rally Lady".....)

I just really want people to be informed, self-educated and take responsibility for themselves.

God bless America, and God bless whomever wins this election.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I've watched this 3 times now.
This is a great little video. I'm going to put it on my blog. Maybe some of my "well meaning" friends will read it there. :-)

kristenhcubed said...

I am also very ready for this election to be over. I'll keep my voting preference to myself (since I'm still working on it) but thanks for being willing to share your thoughts and feelings. You enthusiasm is awesome!

D'Arcy said...

Amen again.

Me too, I always go with the person over the party, and as David Sedaris said at his performance on Monday (and dare I say this, I'll paraphrase a few choice words)

This election is like being on an airplane and having the Flight Attendant ask you if you want chicken or a plate of "crap". And the people still on the fence are the ones asking, "Hmmm, how is the chicken cooked?"

But this is just MY opinion, not B's.

D'Arcy said...

oops sorry, I wrote that and then looked at all the comments, that was in no way directed to you kristencubed!!! Sorry, didn't mean to offend.

jaredski said...

Wow, that just whetted my appetite for the big Obama infomercial tonight. Gag. All these political ads are a bunch of silly propaganda.

That includes McCain's ads. It's so unfair to pick on a voting record because those votes aren't simple one-issue votes. These bills are complicated, and how a legislator votes might say more about the wording of the bill than his stance on the actual issue.

I had to laugh out loud at the guy who said he was a fiscal conservative. I can't see why anyone who cares about fiscal sanity for the federal government would vote for Obama (or Bush for that matter). Obama offers expensive government solutions to everything, but unrealistic funding for them.

jaredski said...

I have one more thing to say about Obama and leadership. He is charismatic, and I don't doubt that he has leadership abilities. That's what scares me. Buying into a candidate because he's a good leader didn't work out so well for Nazi Germany. What the candidate stands for and the philosophy he brings are far more important than how good a leader he is.

If you think Obamunism and a completely unchecked Pelosi and gang will be good for the country then vote for The One.

Boquinha said...

I hear you, HWHL. I love that you posted it on your blog! I can only imagine the emails you're getting now.

You're welcome, Kristen. And thanks. :)

That's hilarious, D'Arcy!

Jared, I missed teh infomercial. I thought it was going to be on later. But I TOTALLY agree with you about the ads and debates picking on voting records. Would that more people understood that! And that goes for BOTH sides.

While the economy is VERY important (and I agree about big spending not being the answer), I'm just sick of having a doofus in the White House. I'm ready for someone more poised to represent us abroad and restore our respect. I hope that Obama surprises those who doubt him, I really do. And I hope he means it when he says he'll audit the government programs from the top down and whittle stuff out. I hear that ALL the time from politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle and I have yet to see many deliver.

I think the Hitler analogy is extreme. One could make an opposite case for very good leaders, too. I've seen the Bush-Hitler comparisons, too. Anyone can make them with just about anyone. I don't think he's "The One," but I have more faith in Obama than to think he's pure evil either.

jaredski said...

The Hitler thing has nothing to do with Obama beyond him being charismatic. What I meant is that focusing on leadership ability rather than issues is dangerous.

As far as what the world thinks of us, that's not an issue that matters to me. Keeping us safe matters. Balancing the budget matters. And I don't trust BO to do either of those things.

Boquinha said...

Oh, that makes sense. I've heard some major conspiracy theories about Bush and Hitler, that's why I mentioned it.

See, I think the opposite--that focusing on issues rather than leadership can be dangerous. I think both are important but it makes a huge difference to have a good leader at the helm. Look at our country's history--you see it in the Presidents we've had. World history for that matter.

I don't care what the world thinks of us in a popularity sense but in a safety sense. Much damage has been done in the past 8 years and we don't need any more. We went from a surplus to a ginormous deficit. It's disgusting. And much of that does have to do with our standing in the world, but yes, domestic issues need some serious attention, too.

Dr. Mark said...

I've watched the way our country has approached national security for the past 8 years and it's been focused on fear and control. All that does is make others suspicious and hungrier for their own control. Going out into the world with a desire to understand a country's people and history, their hopes and frustrations, and then work toward a common good (without selling out on issues like human rights and basic freedoms, to name a few), will reduce the pressure we have to "protect ourselves" since we'll find our country in the cross-hairs a lot more infrequently.

As awful as their acts are, terrorists are do not act randomly. Some of the reasons we were targeted on 9/11 is our arrogance as a nation and our insistence that the world agree with us. Effective and lasting negotiation and peace requires us to abandon our "biggest guns win" philosophy. Obama will show greater respect on the world stage, but there's no way he'll be a pushover.

Boquinha said...

Wow, that's a fabulous comment, Sweetie. That could be a post of its own.

jaredski said...

You can rip Bush all day long and call him all sorts of names, but it doesn't change one simple fact: There hasn't been a terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11. I call that a success.

It's a little naive to think that as a nation we can just "live and let live" in the world. It's a dangerous place, and if you're complacent you'll soon be outflanked by enemies. I'm afraid BO is more than a little naive on foreign policy issues, and it's frightening to hear people say that popularity is the same as security.

Boquinha said...

I don't think we're saying popularity is the same as security. We're saying respect aids in security. We are HATED in the world--that hardly makes us safe. That makes us a target.

As for the financial end of things, have you heard about these endorsements for Obama?

The Economist:
Financial Times:

Boquinha said...

And another thing. If we're talking National Security, with whom do you really feel safer? A President who is respected together with a seasoned vice-president who has DECADES of experience in foreign affairs (I'd venture to say that, of the 4 of them, Biden is the most qualified) or a hothead President who could drop dead and be replaced by a hockey mom who barely got a passport?

jaredski said...

I can't understand how the experience argument can be used by Obama supporters against Palin. Who has actual executive experience and who doesn't? That should pretty much end that argument.

I'm not a Palin fan. She's too much like W for me (strong social conservative with liberal leanings on fiscal policy). But ripping her for not having experience while touting a guy with even less experience is pure hypocrisy.

Now, a word on Obama's tax and spend plans. According to the IRS, the top 5% of taxpayers (whose taxes he promises to raise) gets you down to about $150K earnings. But he promises to only raise taxes on those making $250K and up. So which is it? He throws those numbers around every day like it's gospel truth, but they can't both be true. It's pure fantasy to believe that BO can implement all his big government boondoggles and not run up the deficit even more than Bush.

Boquinha said...

I'm talking combined ticket. I think Biden knows the most of all 4 of them.

Are you serious about that IRS stat? Where is it? I'm looking on their site but don't see it.

Whoever inherits this mess has a huge problem on their hands. And I'm not thrilled with EITHER of them as far as fiscal sense goes. I'm more than a little ticked off about the bailout and the mess we're all in. It'd be nice to have Warren Buffett in charge of finances. Obama has more than hinted at appointing him.

While I think that the economy is a vital top priority, I think there a number of issues to consider and I think Obama is a better leader hands down than McCain (do you remember all we've heard about him in AZ?) when you consider the whole, big picture.

Boquinha said...

And the Bush 9/11 argument doesn't hold water. To say we haven't had anything like that since doesn't work. We hadn't had anything like that before either. And it happened on HIS watch. And where's Osama bin Laden?

nicole said...

First of all completely unrelated to this-it was great to see you guys last night. I wish we could have chatted more. Secondly, I had a book club with a bunch of friends the other night-many of who are conservatives but are voting for Obama. I think we all know how this election is going to go. And I think we're all tired of talking about it. Although I have enjoyed having discussions with friends that are free from the hateful ads and more of just expressing our postion. But-and don't hate me-I'm still voting for Mcain. Its like that one guy said in the video-he has to let go of the abortion issue and I'm just not ready to do that(and there are other social issues too) My friends explained his whole vote on the partial birth abortion legislation( left no room for mother health). But there is a whole other side to that in that partial birth abortions actually put a mother in more of harm's way than the immediate c section delivery that the American OB Assoc. would recommend in any circumstance where a mother is in danger.

I also have to say that while Obama does have great leadership charactheristics and for a long time I was held sway by those I have seen in him a cowardice of sorts when it comes to admitting to his associations, to voting "present", and to owning up to the socialist tendencies of his economic plan. I don't think he is a socialist psycopath. But in comparison with other countries who have adopted "socialist tendencies" his looks a lot like it. I just think we need a president who will own up to who he is and if he has good ideas and he believes in them(Which I think Obama does in the realm of education, some of his health care, etc)than don't try to "lawyer" your way around what they really are. Own it. I think Mcain has shown courage and that hutzpah(sp?) that I'm talking about. Our country needs that strength and will power. Our country needs someone who believes in what America was founded on. A lack of will power and accountability(in both parties) is what's gotten our country into this mess or messes. Obviously I have problems with Obama's tax plan too-because we are kind of in a Joe the Plumber place in our lives. Its not that I even mind that 50% of the paycheck will go to government and helping others(yes that number is correct when you figure in the caps being taken off of social security and other things as well as adding in state income taxes and Obama's rate hike.)Its just that i/we would like to have more of a say in where exactly that money is going. (i.e for education reform not pork spending or as a welfare check that will be used to buy someone's new cell phone)
WEll I could go on and on and I should just post this myself. But when all is said and done. Its both the issues and character that have driven me to choose Mcain. I know he probably won't be elected but I think Obama should know that he still has a lot of people to prove himself to. And I hope he does. I'll be praying for the new leader of our nation whoever he is because he's got a lot coming.

D'Arcy said...

ok, I've been quiet too long:


pro-choice is not pro-abortion. Who really is pro-abortion anyway??!!! and do people realize that the the President of the United States doesn't have all that much influence to be able to overturn Roe vs. Wade?

Do people also realize the most Christians believe exactly like Obama believes in "Pro-choice" after much prayer and thought, in the case of incest, rape and health of the mother.

I've had so many horrible forwards and misunderstandings and horrible stuff sent to my email. So, -I found out for myself if it was true. going to sites like to find out what was true and what was lies, all the debates, a local debate, a rally, read what the candidates themselves said about their own issues, asked questions of friends. I know more republicans yet none of them could give me legitimate reasons to vote republican. Many don't even like McCain.


As far as socialism, the republicans just socialized banks. So is our government run police, fire services, & mail evil too? Are public schools evil?

I love the thought of it being privatized & us keeping more of our money so we can decide for ourselves. But the government is already taking my money now. Greed & pride has gotten in the way of the private sector. "Redistribution of wealth" is an ugly statement yet apparently its ok to redistribute my money as long as it goes to big corporations. Corporations are selfish and top executives are keeping more money and it's not getting down to those who need it most. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Jobs are not being created in many cases.

You do have the right to vote for who you want and be scared by anyone who scares you. But for me, I am tired of being scared and tired of scare tactics used by Republicans the past 8 years.

So happy voting everyone!!!!

Boquinha said...

Nicole, it was so good to see you, too! There is a really good discussion more about this on the "Sincere Question" post about Jesus and political persuasions that talks more about the abortion issue as well. Briefly, for me, whatever is legislated, we all have choice, or agency, as part of a far greater plan than any government could enforce, so really, I can see how Romney, for example, switched to pro-choice. And with regard to the abortion argument, there are other forms of killing going on--the death penalty, the war . . . thousands of people, it's just not right. So, all of that must be considered.

Secondly, as far as Obama voting present--people need to understand that that means something very different in Illinois than in any other state. There is a VERY good discussion of this on NPR -- it's short and a very important read.

Also, I've not wanted to post this on a family-friendly site, but . . . hmmmm . . . how can I do this? Google what McCain said TO his wife in front of journalists. It was all over the press. It's HORRID. And if that's what he says in front of reporters, what on earth does he say to her at home?! If you can't find it, post a comment here and I'll post a link. His reputation in AZ was for being a hothead. And speaking of wives, I LOVE Michelle Obama.

And I love these friendly, intelligent debates where people aren't afraid to jump in and state their opinions, whether or not we agree. Thanks, friends! :)