Monday, July 13, 2009

Bill Watterson, Beware

Every summer one of the local newspaper sponsors a program where children can get a free ticket to Hershey Park if the complete a series of activities. Nearly all of them are newspaper related, like looking at a baseball box score and counting the runs, or pretending to spend money on items in the classified ads. Stacy spent a good portion of the afternoon working on all of the activities so the kids could meet the deadline, which is just one of the many things she does around here to make things nice and fun for all of us. (Thank you, Stacy for making sure we have such great things to do and enjoy around here!)

Anyway, one of the activities was to write a comic strip talking about a road trip. Thing 1, fresh off our marathon trip, was inspired to mostly mark the passing of time. Thing 2, ever the imaginative one, decided a submarine trip to Texas to see scorpions would be a great idea. Here they are. Enjoy!

Road Trip

Texas Trip


J Fo said...

Those are ADORABLE! Where did he think of a Submarine trip to Texas?! FUnny.

Jillo said...

Very nice. The hightlights are Mark's beard in the first one. Very artistic. And the climatic ending of the scorpion in the second one. Great job guys!

Dr. Mark said...

I'm not sure where the submarine came from. The Beatles meet Arachnophobia?

And Jill, just call me Jacob and give me a horse and buggy! My beard's not quite that out of control.

Boquinha said...

I LOVE doing projects like this with the kids--always so fun to see what they come up with!