Friday, July 17, 2009

Since getting home . . .

We've celebrated the 4th of July with food.

We don't usually do the matchy-matchy thing (except with our heather gray business tees and khaki hats for fairs and such), but these T-shirts were like a buck a year ago, so we got them.

We've celebrated the 4th of July with fireworks.

Mark and Thing 2

Uncle Michael helps Thing 2

Wingardium Leviosa!


Me running back when it lit quite quickly


We've played Twister.

I still say he knocked me over

Hanging out after the games

We've harvested garlic.

We've enjoyed an impromptu work party/pizza party.

We've played a lot of Ticket to Ride.
(Sorry, no pics yet)

We've visited an old fashioned ice cream shop, a wildlife preserve in the Amish country, we've bought homemade Amish bread at a roadside stand, we've played Harry Potter Clue, we've played Facebook Scrabble, we've eaten really good food.

We've played A LOT of video games.

We've visited Hershey's Chocolate World.

We've done a ton of yard work.

This was one of the more interesting feats--transporting fencing from Lowe's without a truck. It took 2 trips and very slow driving.

Putting up the fence (they'd dug the fence holes and cemented the posts earlier).

This is the back fence--low enough that we can see over it when the kids play back by the barn. We're growing ornamental roses over that fence, white wisteria over the arbors (we're building more), English ivy (maybe some Boston Ivy as well) over the fence walls, and all kinds of neat purple ground cover and such along the outside of the fence on the side.

Staining the fence
Staining the old fence

We've remodeled the antique wrought iron fence
(well, the guy who drove over it this morning did anyway).


Dr. Mark said...

I did NOT knock you over. I just used "stratgy." The only one doing any knocking was the guy in the truck!

Gary said... guys sure work fast. The fences look great and with all the other landscaping you're doing it really going to be beautiful. Great job guys!

bythelbs said...

Looks like you've been having tons of fun. I love Ticket To Ride!

Your yard is lovely, even with the mangled fence.

the emily said...

man, that fence sucks! so sorry! it really looks nice in the back though, i'm loving it. and garlic? for some reason it never even crossed my mind that people grow garlic. how awesome. i bet it's delish. the twister pic was my favorite.

how's michael liking it?

Boquinha said...

Thanks, everyone!

This is our first year raising garlic.

I think Michael is enjoying it. It's pretty cush--he has his own room and bathroom, computer and video game access, and really good food. We try to do a mix of fun and work. I think it's going really well!

J Fo said...

The the family Twister game! So fun. Crazy stuff with the old guy and the fence. Was he impaired or something other than just being old?!

Lindsay said... guys have been busy! Looks like fun!

The backyard is looking awesome! I love yard work. Too bad I can't join Scott with the little trip. Aw well. Next time.

Boquinha said...

The old guy lost feeling in his legs and sort of blacked out (his words). I'm thinking he shouldn't have a license, but I know that's a touchy subject.

Boquinha said...

Lindsay, yes! Come next time with Scott AND baby and we can all have fun!

Zelia said...

Totally gorgeous. The yard and fence look great. I wish that I was there to see it in person.
How about a picture of the garlic when you put it in a bunch?

jenny said...

The yard is looking great! Have a great time in Boston!

Boquinha said...