Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sneak Peek at Pictures

Here is a sneak peek at some of the wonderful pictures captured at our photo shoot (I don't even know for sure on all of these who took what since they're on various blogs--hopefully all we family members don't mind sharing!). I know there's a site that April told us about that sounds like it will work great for all of us to upload and share our pictures (thanks, April!).

But first, some candids:

Pope Great Grandkids

At the cemetery visiting Great Grandfather's grave
(April took this picture and I think it's gorgeous!)

Don't ask.

Thing 1 kissing that slimy frog

This is a candid (a candid!!) of Thing 2 captured by my cousin-in-law April Oaks -- is she talented or what? And he is a HANDSOME boy. I just love him!

I love this picture. It's another one of those times where I saw April with the camera and thought, "Brilliant! This is the kind of picture we'll always be glad that she took." This is a picture of Grandma Great's hallway wall. Is that a grandma's house or what! I love it.

Thing 1 with Maggie -- oldest and youngest grandchild on Mark's side of the family
(though #9 arrives in a couple of months). Beautiful girls!

The whole clan (well, most everyone anyway--some people were there on different days and April is taking the picture so she's not in it either)

NOW, the Photo Shoot Pictures--we are all so excited to see the real thing from the Jill's much more professional eye and equipment (be sure to check out Jill Oaks's and April Oaks's blogs to see the wonderful work they do) since these are the mere shots from our wimpy point-and-shoot digital cameras:

The brothers -- they're all so cute.
Mine is the 2nd one from the right. Yummy!

All the boys -- from Grandpa on down

Grandma and the girls (even the one in Lindsay's belly is a girl)-- amazing when you consider that Vivian has been the lone woman in the family with a husband and 6 sons!

I love this picture! I'm so glad they thought to take one like this (see, my mind doesn't think of these things but I love it when I see it!). The grandkids! Cousins! Isn't that SO CUTE?! Dang, we make cute kids.

Gary and Vivian and the grandkids

I like this picture. Something about it. They obviously weren't ready for the picture so I like the very natural, fun expressions on everyone's faces.

The original clan -- together again for the first time in over 10 years


Lindsay said...

I especially love how Scott is sticking out his rear in the "natural" pose of the Foley clan

kristenhcubed said...

Those are wonderful pictures. Total treasures. And I'm with you, that silhouette picture at the cemetary is stunning!

Jillo said...

The pictures are in their envelopes, waiting for me to get my tush to the post office and then they will be on there way! I did not get a good one of the kids in the circle. I am wishing I did, but glad you got such a great shot.

J Fo said...

The ones with all the boys and all the girls are super cute. I like how Emmy was SO not into the kid pictures at all. I'm sure that she's the reason Jill didn't get a great one of the circle. Sorry!