Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am in awe

And I'll tell you why, but first . . .

Behold the grape arbor

Look closely--the guys are staining the swingset and I'm loving the summer stormy skies

Our weather has been unseasonably cool and comfortable for this time of year. Great for feeling good, not hot enough for the pool. Great spring time weather in July, not great for ripening tomatoes. Great for not having to use A/C and being able to keep our windows open with a lovely breeze. I'm actually chilly tonight. So, with the weather being SO gorgeous, get out and enjoy it, right?

I rode a bike trail with Thing 1 and Thing 2
(and could barely keep up)

While these two shot some hoops

Then those 2 took Thing 1 and Thing 2 on the long bike path again--this park is gorgeous!
Then Mark took Thing 2 yet again. And we did some "Mario Kart" races around the flagpole, too.

Then we all played E-A-G-L-E (like HORSE)
(Check out the hoop)

Go, Thing 2, go! Check out his toes!

Then we made chocolate-peanut butter-cream cheese brownies

But I'm in awe, remember? Of what, you ask? Of the awesomeness that is my husband. Of the talent that is my husband. Of the hard working man that is my husband. I am a lucky, lucky girl.

Mark BUILT this pergola. BUILT it. Himself. This is not a kit. He BUILT this. It's HUGE!
And it's awesome. This week, we plant the white wisteria that will soon adorn the sides and top of this beautiful structure--shade for us! :) Have I mentioned Mark's awesomeness?


Dr. Mark said...

I'm pretty happy with how everything's turning out. The perfectionist in me says, "Just don't look too closely."

Thanks for the kind words. I guess you're easily impressed. ;)

Lindsay said...

That is awesome! The whole post! Oh how I wish we were having a nice summer/spring breeze...We have to keep our windows shut cause the humidity would kill us!

Good job Mark! That is pretty awesome!

Dr. Mark said...

Thanks Lindsay. It helped to have some extra muscle here to lift that thing.

J Fo said...

Wow. Those are some seriously impressive projects. The pergola looks amazing! The brownies look amazing! The sky looks amazing! The kids look amazing! And You ALL are amazing! ;)

Boquinha said...

Yes, I should clarify that by "himself," I mean the design of it (as in it's not a kit). Michael has been a lot of the muscle for it, too!

Jimmy said...

Oh yeah--big deal--I could construct something like that too--with toothpicks. (Maybe.)

bythelbs said...

Nice pergola!

Your brownies are giving me ideas.

My WV: resist HA-perfect!

the emily said...

Our oven is still broken and you're teasing me with brownies? You're SO MEAN. Heh heh heh. Nice work Mark and Michael! It looks so awesome. Now I'm wishing we had gone out to PA for the summer too.

Jillo said...

Very awesome. You guys are always having such a great time.
I love a cool summer only if I have central air. over here in desert ville, we have a swamp and nothing else and it makes humid cool days ROTTEN!!!

Boquinha said...

Heheheheh, Jimmy.

Lbs, are you trying to confuse me with acronyms or am I being obtuse?

Em, your oven is STILL broken?! That's insane! Yes, please come visit soon!

Jill, no window units?

Chelle said...

I, too, am in awe. That pergola is fabulous. What a great addition to your yard.