Monday, January 18, 2010

Chickening Out!

This was taken in October, so my hair is even longer now! I love my long hair. Our son is begging me not to cut it. I'm starting to weaken. My appointment is at 12 tomorrow. I am starting to wonder if it will drive me crazy to not be able to pull it up/back. I love to pull my hair up/back when I eat, cook, write, etc.

Here are the hairstyles I'm considering (though I'm open to more suggestions--but hurry!):

My son just came over and said, "What is that?"

"The hairstyles I'm considering."

"Oh noooooooo!"



Rebecca said...

Ooooh I love both of those! I can't wait to see the new you.

Boiled Chicken Dinner said...

I love dramatic change. Mix things up a little. It will grow back and if you really hate it I will buy some yarn this weekend.

Boquinha said...

Aaaaaaaahhhhh! You figured out how to comment!! I don't know if I'm more excited about that or about your visit this weekend. YAY!

Rebecca, want to come with me tomorrow? I could use the moral support!

Rebecca said...

Stacy - I would LOVE to go. But . . . Jake just threw up :(
Better stay home tomorrow. I'll be sending supportive vibes your way!

Boquinha said...

Oh no! UGH.

J Fo said...


I think you should do the second one because whoever gave you that idea has impeccable taste. ;) But really, you could do that cut and have her leave it a little longer so you can still pull it up. Plus, you can always clip just half up or something, right? Personally I find short hair very liberating, but I'm a total hypocrite right now since I'm growing mine out. The difference is that I've had mine short for growing out is my big change. I bet Thing 2 is just nervous because all he's known is your long hair. He'll realize that you're his beautiful mommy with hair at any length! Good luck and if you want to call me while you're in the chair I'll be around! ;)

kristenhcubed said...

Be sure to involve Thing 2 in donating your hair to locks of love and he'll get over it faster. Julianne has donated her hair a couple of times in memory of her "Grandma Nancy", a very close family friend who died from cancer. It's something really special for her. So, go for it! I can't wait to see the after pictures!

the emily said...

I like the first one! Go for it. even short you can still pull it back, use headbands and clips, and there's nothing on your neck anyway. DO IT.