Saturday, May 2, 2009

6 Questions For You

Please answer in the comments (you can use the nifty "Show Original Post" feature in the comments' section to help).

1. Did anyone else audibly groan and feel oh-so-badly for Kevin when he dropped the chili while extolling his wonderful talent for making it saying, "I think it's the thing I do best."?

2. I have a friend who says he doesn't see many men comment on here. My husband and I have no sisters. I have a brother. He has 5 brothers. My father-in-law comments. So do some friends. C'mon, guys, don't let me down. Do you see men comment on here?

3. Remember this post? Anyone else think it's funny that we treated our theater class (about 15 kids or so) to ice cream there on 31-cent scoop night? We announced the cast list there after auditions. We figure you can't feel too disappointed if you don't get the part you want when you're eating ice cream, right?

4. We toy with the idea of getting a dog. This one, specifically. Adorable, right? Thing is, we're not pet people. And I don't like how dogs smell. And I worry about the expense. And every time I see a human picking up a dog's poop, I think, "Seriously?" Think we should get a dog?

5. My SIL Jessica and I were chatting the other day about exercise. We decided that if she lived close to us, we could get together and do "Yoga Booty Ballet Goddess Workout." Have you seen this commercial?

6. I want opinions! I've been thinking about cutting my hair. Right now, it's below my shoulders by several inches. I love this length. I like long hair. I had short hair until I was 15. I've had it long ever since. The shortest I've cut it is just above my shoulders. One time, I asked the lady cutting my hair if I told her she could do anything she wanted, what would she do? She didn't hesitate, "I'd go shorter." I always feel like cutting it short in the fall and then I don't so that I can be warmer in the winter (long hair really IS warm). I always think I'll do it in the spring and then I don't want to, because I like long, dark hair (but not too long--anything below mid-back just looks scraggly and like it has no style to me--unless it's up). Anyway, I'm considering cutting it to chin level . . . should I do it?


emily said...

1. I wanted to cry for him. I don't think I groaned, I think I went "ohhhh...that's so sad."

2. I see men comment on here all the time. My ex-boyfriend comments on here way more than my own blog.

3. Yes--that's why I mentioned it!

4. Sure! You have all that space. We'd do one if we had space, and I am NOT NOT NOT an animal person.

5. Exercise sucks.

6. Short! Love short, bobbish hair.

J Fo said...

1- I missed Office this week and I'm assuming that's what you're referring to. I always feel bad for Kevin. He's so pathetic.

2- I haven't really noticed one way or the other, but I do know that there are more women that blog in general. Greg will comment if it's something controversial. ;)

3-Seriously. You are brave to go back after the last ordeal. But if I were to be told I was getting cut, I would like to have an ice cream in my hand!

4- I think you should go for it. Just a cute little one. Try it out for a month and if it doesn't work you can given 'em back!

5- I think we should go in on it together. We can ship it back and forth every few weeks!

6- I love short! I'm a little biased because I've never been able to grow my hair out past my shoulders because I just get to impatient. But I think it would be really flattering on you. I have a few thoughts in mind and I'll email you the pictures! You should also find a copy of the F. Scott Fitzgerald short story "Bernice Bobs her Hair." It's great!

Chelle said...

1. I don't know what you're talking about. Who is Kevin?

2. I see men comment on your blog - lots more than I get on mine.

3. I didn't even have to click on the link to your old post--I know which one you're talking about and it's making me laugh all over again. I'm sometimes willing to compromise my standards if I can justify it AND get a good deal :)

4. Super cute dog. I'm not a pet person either, but I'm gearing up because the girls are fully intending on getting their pets when we move. I think you should give it a try--you might surprise yourself and actually like it...and you could give me some pointers.

5. That's one of the most ridiculous commercials I've ever seen. The toning moves look fine, but the dancing is a joke. I might consider doing it if I could confidently pull up my shirt and rub my hand all over my abs like the girl in the commercial.

6. DO IT! You can have so much more style with short hair and you'll feel like a different person in a good way :)

J Fo said...
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J Fo said...

This is Greg

1. From the beginning Kevin has been one of my favorites. It's a toss-up between him and Creed.

2. On occasion.

3. I don't find any humor when talking about, thinking about or the act of eating ice cream. Give me a bowl, leave me alone, and let me enjoy.

4. If you're going to get a dog, get a dog. Not that rat pretending to be a dog. Get a German Shepherd or husky.

5. Please no more mention of your SIL and Yoga Booty Ballet. We already have Windsor Pilates and I think I've done them more than your SIL.

6. The woman's hair should never be shorter than that man's hair unless there is some medical reason behind it. That's just a fact.

J Fo said...

This is really Jess now.

Greg has just been told to go sit in time out for his sassy remarks! Windsor Pilates was good at a certain time in my life. Now I need something more. Higher impact. After I had Emmy I lost my Booty and got a belly; I think I have found the cure, but he won't let me purchase it because of the stupid Windsor Pilates!

terahreu said...

Get the dog! That is a better breed for kids than Shylock. Shylock is actually really good with my kids because they have an 'understanding' but he isn't so great with other kids. Looks like the Northfolk would be a better choice for your kids. We do love Shylock (except when he pees on our carpets).

Do the yoga! It looks like a funky yoga but yoga has really changed my life. There is nothing more invigorating than yoga. I LOVE it.

Short isn't so 'in' right now. At least with what I have seen in magazines. It seems everyone is sticking with longer hair. I am always tempted to go short until I notice no one else has short hair--especially here.

Lindsay said...

1. YES..I almost freaked out, especially when he started scooping it back in the pot.
2. I have noticed Mark, Gary and sometimes Greg on here, but I don't pay that much attention (remember my lack of paying attention to detail?)
3. I didn't have time to re read the post.
4. IM TOTALLY not an animal person but if you have the time to take care of one and clean up the poop...go for it!
5. Exercise is a love hate relationship for me.
6. Im all about change...I love chopping my hair off. If you DO chop it, layer it, give it some sass...that would be my opinion though :)

Lindsay said...

OK I went back and read the Ice cream post. I could feel my blood boiling...If that happened to me right now, Scott would have to pull me back. I think it would have been awesome if you had a bunch of copied coupons to see if you could use em. Were the same workers there?

Jimmy said...

1. I don't even know what's being referred to. I think a TV show. Obviously one I don't watch.

2. I often make lame comments on your blog because you make it clear that you love comments, and I love your blog, so I at least try to say something every now and then, even if it is lame.

3. Right (about not feeling too disappointed when eating ice cream). And "Forgive and Forget," right?

4. Get the dog, but keep it outside. I hate dog smell, too. But I like dogs, and kids should have dogs. I still remember dogs that my cousins and my grandparents had when I was little. I loved those dogs.

5. I read your blog at work and they recently disabled javascript as a security measure, so I have not seen this commercial. The title sounds funny. My girls like the word "booty" and when the youngest runs around without her diaper we yell, "Nudy booty."

6. What does Mark think? Personally, I like medium length hair with some curl on my wife. On the other hand, she's just glad I still have hair.

bythelbs said...

1. Yes, poor Kevin. Tis his lot in life. To be pathetic, I mean.

2. I don't think I've ever paid any attention to the sex of your commenters.

3. You should have dummied up some BOGO 31 cent scoop coupons. (OK, I'm assuming I'm remembering the post here without actually following the link.)

4. NOOOOOOOOO! Smell, slobber, crotch-sniffing, hair, poo. You're still thinking about it?

5. I haven't seen the commercial, but the name sounds promising.

6. Why not? The thing about hair is, it grows back. But don't let anyone talk you into it. A drastic haircut can be a traumatic experience no matter how cute it turns out.

Vivian said...

4. Dogs are a big commentment and can be a pain unless they are well trained. I've heard there are no true 'non-allergenic' dogs, but here are some that are pretty close: West Highland White Terrier (Westies), Schnauzer, Coton de Tulear and Bichon Frise. (I like them in that order:)

6. Go for it! Change can be invigorating. I like the collar-length in the back, shoulder length in the front, smooth cut. Is that too 'last year?' I still like it.

Dr. Mark said...

1. You've gotta feel bad for the guy. It's the one thing he does well.

2. I comment here. I do not comment as frequently as I would like elsewhere.

3. I think it was the perfect revenge. If only I'd tried to get a sample for everyone!

4. I choose to remain silent on this public debate.

5. So how many kinds of yoga are there in the world. There are many yogis around the world quietly sobbing over this one!

6. Your long hair was one of the first things I noticed about you (in a good way, obviously!), so I am a bit attached to it, but I say go for it. You've been thinking about it for a long time.

Jillo said...

1. My heart did break for poor Kevin. He tries so hard. I would really love to see him come out on top one of these days.

2. Men are afraid of blogging. At least my man is. ;)

3. That post was hilarious! It was before we were such good blogging buddies and I haven't read it yet. Thanks for the good laugh. And I totally agree that rejection for a part would go much better with ice cream in your hand.

4. We have a dog, and while I do have a total love/hate relationship with her, she is soooo good for my kids and she does a great job keeping my feet warm while I watch TV.
They do poop A LOT and they do kinda stink unless you keep then clean. And... they are spendy. Especially if you get them as puppies.
But even with all the bad, (because there can be some nasty bad sometimes,) I really like having her around. She keeps me company when kent is gone and she is a good excuse to make the kids go out and excersize by taking her on a walk. My only advice is research research research out the breed you want. I think that makes all the difference.

5. I have heard of the Yoga Bootey Ballet and I hear it does wonders. Can I come too?

6.I think you should TOTALLY cut your hair. I love short hair. Mine is super long righ now only because I am too lazy to go the salon all the time. Do it! IT would be so cute and you will feel like a whole new you.

D'Arcy said...

I can't answer all of them, but Kevin and chilli hurt my poor heart. That guy!

Hair cut, you could wait unitl ocming out to Utah next month and my sister (who works at a high class salon) could give you something perfect for you! She has a gift!

I'll show you her portfolio if you want!

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

1 - Yes.
2 - Girls are better anyway.
3 - I wish I remembered to go for my ice cream.
4 - I've never understood why people like animals in their house, but I know I'm a minority with that thinking. That does look like a cute dog.
5 - Haha.
6 - I think you would look really cute with short hair. Go for it! You are cute with long hair too though.

Boquinha said...

Emily, so funny.

Jessica, have you seen the Office yet? It was very good. Kevin and Meredith deserve Dundees for their performances on that episode. And thanks for the pics!

Rachelle, you MUST watch The Office!! And #5? HILARIOUS. I miss you.

Greg, Kevin and Creed are two of Mark's favorites, too. And big dogs are NOT well liked around here. Plus they smell even worse. Yuck. And the Pilates comment made me laugh out loud. Awesome. Are you still in the corner for your sassy remarks? That made me laugh even harder. :)

Terah, Shylock is the first dog I've ever really liked. It's all his fault we're even considering this at all.

Lindsay, part of it is just how LONG it takes me to dry my hair, but yet I think long hair is easier to care for than short hair because it's so simple. And I think it's awesome that you went back and read the ice cream post. I don't know if
the same workers were there--I tend to repress that stuff. I bet Mark knows, though.

Jimmy! I knew you'd come through for me. You, too, should watch The Office (after you get TiVo). I like your comments--keep making them! It is a funny word--our kids like to shake their "booties."

Lbs, ROTFL at the dummied up coupons. What a great idea! And thank you. Now I don't want a dog. I'm very impressionable.

Vivian, thanks for the list. I don't recognize all those names so I'll have to check those out.

Mark, we so should've done samples. You're so sweet . . . I may just leave it long just for that. :)

Jill, I would love to see Kevin come out on top, too. Oh, I'm so glad you read our Baskin Robbers post!! Yes, come exercise with us! I think you and Jessica are two people who actually give even a smidgen of consideration to possibly moving east and I'd love to have you guys here!

Oooh, D'Arcy, what a thought! Go out with long hair, come back with short hair. Hmmmmm.

April, so funny. You and I think alike on animals. I'm so torn on the issue. And thanks--you're very sweet.

Boquinha said...

Okay, Vivian, I just went through that whole list and wow, you really know your dogs! Those are REALLY cute! I like the whole list in that order, too (except I'm not a big Schnauzer fan). Thanks for the list--I like it!