Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Idol Gossip

Every week, I read Magistra's posts on Philly Burbs. I'd love to be discovered by some site or paper and be asked to write about Idol. Omigosh, can you imagine? Or Amazing Race. Or both!

I digress.

Her post about yesterday was VERY interesting and she pointed out something I hadn't noticed to the extent she had. After reading her review, we rewatched a few parts of the show and she is spot on . . . something was VERY wrong between Kris and Danny yesterday. Watch it again if you can--it's there. And you don't have to dig too hard to find it.

Anyway, check it out. And keep your eye on things tonight . . .

P.S. I love that she calls Kris a monchichi . . . the child of the 80s in me LOVES that reference. LOVE it.


J Fo said...

There WAS some tension wasn't there?! Interesting. Um...what's a monchichi?

Boquinha said...

Remember Monchichis . . . perfect nickname for Kris!

J Fo said...

HA! That IS perfect. I don't really remember them but I have seen them before. Funny.