Thursday, May 7, 2009

And then there were 3 . . .

Our kids spent most of the evening confused since Ryan was talking about sending everyone home, "safe" or not. You're safe! You're going home! It's the end of the road, you're going home! What? We had to keep explaining the difference between going home and going on a hometown visit. The whole thing really made the results much less dramatic.

I've decided that there are no surprises at this point since they're all good. I'm glad Kris is safe. I'm disappointed that Allison hasn't gotten the praise she deserves. That kid is extremely talented. I love her voice.

Beyond that, dear readers, I refer you to Magistra since she, as usual, captured it all so well. Enjoy. Click here for her very, very good review.


Robynne said...

I'm predicting an Adam/Kris finale - a few weeks ago I would have said whoever went up against Adam in the finale wouldn't stand a chance, but I'm not so sure these days - it may be a close race!

Boquinha said...

YOU'RE clairvoyant, Robynne!