Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back in PA with Scott and Michael

Back in PA, we ate a lot of food and played a lot of games . . .

We also played some backyard baseball. Which sometimes resembled Calvin Ball. :)

And we played a little Lazer Tag:

After that, we played some arcade games where Mark and the uncles helped score some tickets for the kids. Deal or No Deal was especially exciting.


Oh man, ouch!
(Love the facial expressions in this one)

There were very big decisions being made!!

All that playing made us hungry for some good old fashioned ice cream at the local ice cream shop.

Ishmael, Roy Munson, Abraham

And what better way to round out the evening than with a little Rock Band?

Give it up for


the emily said...

Oh man, it looks so fun! I wanna come. And your yard looks AMAZING you guys. How do you get your grass so green and nice? Wowzers.

Lindsay said...

So fun!! Thanks for sharing. Scott told me all about Deal or No Deal! Ha

Life with Kaishon said...

Hi! I was just reading your comment about Parkinsons disease on Jason's page and I came over to say hi and also that I am so sorry for your loss.

I see you were in PA : ) I live here! It is a nice state, right? I am glad I stopped over today because I needed a few more ideas for summer fun and laser tag is a great one : ) Thank you!

Boquinha said...

Hello LWK! And thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to visit and say hi. I checked out your blog--lovely! I went to your "about our family" page and see it's soon to be updated. I did figure out, though, that you're in Bucks County. We're neighbors! We're right next to you guys (although you're closer to Philly and we're closer to Harrisburg). Gorgeous state! And wonderful location. Thanks again!

Boquinha said...

P.S. How do you know Jason?

J Fo said...

So much fun! The pergola over the back porch is super cute. I love playing in the back yard in the summertime!

The Rat Life said...

Look at you guys........ Look at all you did... You guys are having an adventurous summer.
Gee I wonder how you guys got your grass so green... :) (Raindrops keep falling on your head?)

Boquinha said...

I totally know that song! Did you find it on YouTube for Sierra?

The Rat Life said...

Yes, As soon as I realized she didn't know the song I found the song on Youtube for her. ...but she still didn't know it...