Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favorite Authors/Favorite Books

Okay, so I want to know. If you were going to this, what books would you take to which authors to have signed? We're in the process of making our lists and I'd love to hear your thoughts, too!

No question in my mind, I'm getting my beloved copy of The Dance of the Dissident Daughter signed by Sue Monk Kidd.

Thing 1 is taking Princess Academy (Shannon Hale) down as well as our Judy Blume stuff among many other things.

Thing 2 is taking down our Mo Willems stuff as well as Spiderwick.

Mark's excited about Ken Burns.

And we're all excited about pretty much all of them--Grisham, Kidd, Robinson, Patterson, Sparks. I mean, we even get to meet Rickey Minor! :P


Jagged Rocks said...

Alright, remember you asked for it.
Lois Lowry - Number the Stars
John Grisham - The Brethren or A Time to Kill
Mary Jane Clark - Do You Want to Know a Secret
James Patterson - Mary, Mary or 1st to die or Jugde and Jury

There are probably others, but that would be my main list.

the emily said...

I would take my Mo Willems stuff and Shannon Hale stuff, because that's all I have.

Lindsay said...

Haha...I love Princess Academy!! I want to read all of her books. They are just fun. PS...I don't know what I would take. :)

Jimmy said...

A Time to Kill is in my opinion Grisham's best book. All the others are too formulaic. (Seems like I've read at least 3 of his books were the main character goes into some type of government protection program of sorts.) So I'd only take that one of his. And maybe A Painted House, because for the most part I like his portrayal of Mexican migrant workers in that book.

And I'd get every Judy Blume book autographed because she was controversial and for that alone her autograph will be valuable someday.

Sadly, I haven't read very many of the other authors listed.

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

Wow. That sounds so fun!

Peg said...

Anything by James Patterson, Only really liked A time to Kill by Grisham, Jusy Blume is good and I love Jodi Picoult. She really makes you think. I can't wait to read about the trip and your opinion of meeting these guys!

J Fo said...

I think you should get one book from each author and go to ALL of them!

D'Arcy said...

Wow. Jealous.

Kidd is a big one for me too.

I've always loved Lowry!


Boquinha said...

Thanks, All!

kara said...

Sweet. We just discovered Mo Willems and LOVE him. At least, I love him. Was O.S. Card going to be there? Ender's Game. That's what I'd take.

kara said...

Ohhhh....JOHN IRVING! Are you kidding me? I love his stuff. All of it. Owen Meany rocks. But, it is allllll good.