Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MA, RI, PA (and NY, NJ, CT) with Michael and Scott -- Part Deux

So, let's recap.

Day 1 -- good food and Scott arrives
Day 2 -- BOSTON and Awful Awfuls (YUM)
Day 3 -- Rained out Beach Day, so Games

Which brings us to Day 4 . . . Newport, RI!

Boston and Newport rank as two of my favorite places--it's just a matter of whether you're in a ocean/beach or city mood.

We drove down the eastern part of Rhode Island, which is really gorgeous. And sentimental for me since those are my old stomping grounds.

We flew kites by the ocean (click to see it bigger). We got BOTH kites up as far as the string would allow. We were the highest ones there. We love flying kites. And by the ocean? Awesome!

And what summer MA trip would be complete without Del's Lemonade? YUM-MY!

We drove all around Ocean Drive, the downtown part, past Fort Adams . . . it was gorgeous! And we spent some time, of course, down by the ocean.

Looking for seashells and getting splashed by the tide coming in.

Beautiful. Love this place.
Our family

Mark, Scott, and Michael

All of us

That night, my old high school English teacher had me and Mark over to dinner. I need to get some of his pictures of the evening, since he got some good ones of me and Mark. I've been itching to catch up with this guy--he is HILARIOUS and super intellectual. It was a great evening. He and his wife served excellent food, too -- crab/spinach dip on pita triangles, little neck clams with hot crusty rolls for dipping, and then lobster rolls, salad, and corn on the cob. It was, in a word, fabulous. I could totally go for one of those lobster rolls right now. Boy, could I.

Me and Dr. Gauthier (I can call him Michael now) :P

Corn and lobster rolls - DIVINE
(These were GOOD lobster rolls--buttered, not mayo-ed)

When we got back to my Mom's, I snuggled with Thing 2 and watched a Sonic video with him.

And we found this upon getting back, too:

These 4 were in the thick of a competitive rummy game.
Michael is going to move in with my mother and they're going to be stars of a new reality show. Sort of like the odd couple. I predict much success. Or a beating for Michael at the the hands of my mother. Hard to tell which.


Lindsay said...

Fun, Fun, Fun. Scott was probably in heaven playing so many games. He loves games. I grew up playing Rummy but according to Scott my family plays it totally wrong! I need to find the official rules!

the emily said...

Ooh, the beach and the food both look awesome. How did you get in contact with your high school English teacher?

J Fo said...

I LOVE that you keep in contact with your English teacher! I need to look my favorite teachers up. I can't wait til we can get out there and do so many fun things with you guys!

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

Glad you are having fun. I would love some of that lemonade right now.

kara said...

Did you color your hair? Looks good.

Boquinha said...

Lindsay, oh good! We've been playing all kinds of games. It's a lot of fun!

Emily, I've kept in touch with him over the years. He was inspirational to me, a mentor. He gave me a love of Humanities and I went on to major in it. I kept in touch a bit through college. Mark and I visited him at his office at the high school the summer after our freshman year. Then, he and his wife had me to dinner right before my mission and were THRILLED to hear about me going to Portugal and promptly showed me home videos of their trips there. It occurred to me TODAY that that was over 14 years ago! Shocking! He's been on my mind, so I looked him up and called him. It was SO SO SO great to catch up with him. We exchanged email addresses (we used to email a bit back when but lost touch over the years).

Jess, do it! It'll be fun and it's pretty neat to let them know how much they've inspired you.

April, come visit. We'll get some Del's.

Kara, yep. I'm so gray, it has to be done.

Gary said...

Glad my sons are having a good summer wtih each other, their sister-in-law, neice and nephew and with Zelia. They'll be talking about this for years to come.