Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MA, RI, PA (and NY, NJ, CT) with Michael and Scott

I've uploaded pictures, so here goes.

Before leaving, we did a lot of laundry (LOVE hanging laundry outside in the summertime) and cleaning and we froze a lot of blueberries--here are my ADORABLE helpers--I LOVE hanging out with these two. I really, really do:

So, a big part of visiting New England is THE FOOD. Our first night there, my mom took us out for dinner and here is just some of what we ate:

Calamari, Rhode Island style (the BEST way)

Thing 1 and I got the lobster special with clam "chowdah"

Thing 2 was a TOTAL gentleman, pulling out the seat for Vavo
(thank you, Ruff Ruffman!)

That night, Scott flew in to Providence and joined us for more food and fun. Go Lindsay for making happen! The next day, we hit Boston!

Waiting for our T, surrounded by more fans going to the game --
Boston fans are the best!

One of my very favorite moments of the trip may well have been when I saw Cathy, my best friend growing up, and we made a total scene running to each other and hugging on the train, devil may care!

And what's more, the kids! Kids of those of us from the old gang! 4 of us are represented here on the T:

My kids - Thing 1, Thing 2, Cathy's daughter Kiley (her other 2 were in Florida at her brother's house), Elmer's daughter Sydney, and Cathy's brother Michael's daughter Mikalah

After running through the rain (many prayers that day in Boston that the game wouldn't be rained out) . . . here we are at the Border Cafe in Harvard Square - Sydney was a ball of fire who declared "I have to sit next to a GUY?!?!?!?" and promptly made a stink face and raised a menu between her and Scott. She was quite charming.

The gang in front of the T map in one of the stations

Me and Cathy and the kids

Mini Cathy and Mini Stacy -- I LOVE IT!

Well, we all got back on the T and the boys got off at their station to go to Fenway for the game and we went on to the Children's Museum in Boston, where we met some of our cousins, too--the butterfly girls as we call them, or my cousin Steve's twin daughters.

Boys at Fenway Park

Us at the Children's Museum

Thing 1 with the twins

One of the very favorite activities was this 4-story climbing structure. The kids spent A LOT of time going up and down this thing together!

We got tickets (twice, ahem--forgot the first time, went the 2nd time) to this interactive show of The Three Little Pigs. Cool part is they called up THREE of us to participate--Thing 1, Cathy, and my cousin's wife Tracy! Thing 1 was the big, bad wolf. The other two were the houses of sticks and bricks.

See you, big bad wolf!
Curtain Call bow

This was a BIG hit, too -- this floor was everything from jump rope to a matching colors game to dodge ball. SO much fun.

Oh and the water tables!!

Building a dam. Thing 2 REALLY got into this.

Thing 1
Thing 2

Thing 2 does Cathy's hair at the creepy salon

Thing 2, Thing 1 (behind Thing 1), and Kiley

Me at the Cape Verdean restaurant pretend place.
Mmmmm, cachupa.

Back at the creepy salon

All the kids tuckered out at closing time, back on the climbing thing

All of us (my cousins had left) in front of the sign that reads "Boston Children's Museum."
The guy taking the picture didn't get that, but at least he didn't steal our camera which he kept saying he was going to do.


And, because doing ANYTHING with Cathy is never dull, we found a splash pad in Boston.
And it was hot.
So we told the kids to play in it.
And get wet.
But not soaked.

This was the result:


So, they all laid down on the sidewalks of Boston to dry off.

And after meeting the boys after the game and walking through Faneuil Hall, we decided to get our ice cream treat at an affordable place. Look what my sweet husband bought me -- a Red Sox cap! He's the best!

Walking the Freedom Trail--I LOVE BOSTON!!

We couldn't get enough of each other, so we went home and got cleaned up and got together again later that night -- here are the kids playing Apples to Apples, Jr. and Webkinz. And laughing hysterically.

Out to Newport Creamery for Awful Awfuls, of course!
Kids' booth.

And we sat in the booth near them.
And laughed hysterically.
I really, REALLY love Boston and the people there.
It was SO fun to reconnect with my old high school friend E.J.
And being with Cathy is just plain old GOOD for me.
She makes me laugh.
I feel 10 years younger.
I have FUN.
I am reminded why I couldn't get enough of this girl when I was a teen.
And we can talk about anything.
I miss her!

The next day, we put on our swimsuits, bought our sandwiches at the local D'Angelo's, and turned to go outside . . . in the rain. The downpour and thunder rained out our beach day, so we hung out at my Mom's and played games and ate food and visited with family. There are more pictures, but here are some:

Playing card games (and Scruble and Password)

These guys had a lot of fun playing cards

Then Jim took us all out for a DELICIOUS dinner at Kent's where my mom and I split all sorts of wonderful appetizers and "chowdah" for our meal - Clams Casino, Calamari (Rhode Island Style again), Clam Cakes, and Smelts. YUM YUM YUM!

Thank you, Jim!
We really didn't see enough of you this trip!

It's late. I need sleep. That's Part 1. Part 2 to follow . . .


the emily said...

i loooove clam chowder. love. i should really take a trip to boston. it looks like such a fun trip, and it makes me want to REALLY go sometime. how far away is it for you guys? did scott stay at your parents house with you? i wish dave could've gone too. i tried to talk him into it but money, well, sucks, so he didn't. glad you guys had such a good trip!

Dr. Mark said...

Thanks for posting all of this, Little Miss. I feel like I know what you did at the museum now since I missed out while we were there. It's fun to see the evolution of the wet clothing since I only got to see the finished product in Boston.

Emily, it's about 6 hours or so to Stacy's mother's house, so it's nothing after a cross-country trip! Scott stayed with all of us at her house, too, so it was a party.

Lindsay said...

I wish I could have missed work to go! BUT oh well. Looks like a ton of fun!! One of my best friends is a Kathy and we have the same kind of relationship!!
Thanks for sharing.

J Fo said...

I'm hungry just reading this! That looks like you had so much fun!

Boquinha said...

Emily, Boston is AWESOME. It is such, such, such a great city. LOVE it.

Thanks, everyone. I am a bit homesick for New England--the people, the food . . . I'm glad we live close enough to get there pretty easily.

Next up, Canada/New England. Vermont has ALL KINDS of fun things, including the Ben and Jerry's factory!

Jagged Rocks said...

Now I am really jealous. I would love to go to Boston. Plus I have an uncle that live in Connecticut that I haven't seen for a while. You guys get to have all sorts of fun adventures!

Boquinha said...

Kim, we would LOVE to have you visit. Let me know if you can ever talk Kraig into venturing east!!

terahreu said...

I could not be more jealous!!!! I absolutely LOVE that part of the world...yes, the WORLD. It rivals all the great places I have been. It is the one place I wish I could live if I lived back in the US. I was always so jealous that you grew up there. So lucky!

Boquinha said...

WOW, Terah. That is quite the comment coming from you! I do love Boston. A lot. We sometimes wonder why we're not up there. But we can get there quite easily and we like where we are, so we're good. Boston is a wicked GREAT city with LOADS of personality.