Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And now we're down to 2

Big, dramatic intro.
(fast forward, fast forward, fast forward)
No stairs for Seacrest.
(fast forward, fast forward, fast forward)
Next week is the finale.
(fast forward, fast forward, fast forward)
Say hello to our judges.
(fast forward, fast forward, fast forward)
Here are our Idols.
(fast forward, fast forward, fast forward)

And we're FIVE minutes in, America.
Behold the power of TiVo.

During the chat with the idols on the couches and also during those backstage glimpses and also during the interviews, a rather cocky Crystal and a very humble other two emerged.

She kept cutting in, smiling smugly, talking about herself, whereas the boys kept thinking of others and expressing gratitude and wonder.

When asked what their day-to-day is like, both boys expressed feeling badly that they're not able to give more to others. Crystal talked about herself.

When reviewing the judges' comments this season, Lee came across as sweet, Casey came across as hilariously honest, and Crystal . . . well, I kept thinking, "Shut up!" as she kept butting in on everyone else's answers.

Hometown visit #1: Cool, TX
Cool, TX is home to a very cool breezer. Casey is a very cool guy and a really good sport. He's humble. He took it all in. He expressed thanks. He was tearful afterward, with gratitude to those who saved his arm and his life. He was clearly moved. Class act, that Casey.

Then Perez Hilton (!) . . . seriously? . . . wow, I thought that was going to be Ryan's idea of a joke, but nope. Ahem. Anyway, as I was saying, Perez Hilton introduced Travis Garland as being "better than Justin Timberlake." Well, he wasn't. But I'll give him that it was a pretty clean performance as far as Idol is concerned. (fast forward, fast forward, fast forward)

Hometown visit #2: Toledo, OH
Crystal is from Toledo. She sang at "Bowerstock." She didn't seem surprised by all the hoopla surrounding her. She seemed to be expecting it. She was crying afterward, too, but not because of others so much as being overwhelmed that they were singing her song. She kept saying, "My song. My song."

Hometown visit #3: Chicago, IL
Lee shook his head in disbelief. A lot. He seemed overwhelmed and so humbled. He uttered many, many thank yous. He was tearful, too, afterward, expressing thanks (yet again) to his parents.

Little Justin Bieber and his cheesy back-up dancers performed. (fast forward, fast forward, fast forward) His voice sounds like that mechanical/robotic voice they use in pop-country crossover songs. I have to hand it to the kid, though -- he can dance, sing, and play the drums! Plus, he can act. He was actually quite good on SNL recently.

Casey is a good sport, a nice guy, and a class act. He is also going home.

Lee and Crystal remain. It will be a great finale. I am totally, totally rooting for Lee. And I saw in Simon's eyes tonight, that he is, too.


Dr. Mark said...

TiVo rules! And I'm having a tough time getting a handle on who you'd like to win in the finale . . .

John said...

I saw that look in Simon's eyes, too. If I'd had a mirror, I could have seen it in my own. Lee seems pretty much a lock.

Jimmy said...

Aren't you worried that Lee might get boring in the public eye? He's almost too well adjusted for stardom.

America likes its superstars to make it big while they're young, get hooked on drugs, mismanage their wealth, and then redeem themselves in their golden years.

You know, like every VH-1 "Behind the Music" you've ever seen.

Chelle said...

I loved how Lee came across in this show. He genuinely seemed humbled and honored for the experience. I love the shots of his parents as well.

I thought Casey handled everything with class too. He knew he was going home and I thought his attitude was gracious and endearing.

I can't wait for Tuesday. I sure hope I don't forget to record it.

p.s. Sintra is so charming. I forgot that you would be familiar with it. We stayed in the most amazing bed and breakfast there with incredible views of the castle and palace. We loved it!

Boquinha said...

Mark, we'll have to talk more. Obviously.

John, well said. I'm not surprised you saw it. You're very good at being in tune with that sort of thing.

LOL, Jimmy. Yeah, he won't give me much on TMZ, but I'm okay with that. I love his voice and find him charming.

Rachelle, I know! His parents seem so . . . so . . . normal. Casey was classy and hilarious. I love that when asked by Ryan if everything the judges said was helpful, Casey laughed and said very confidently, "No! I don't think so, no!" LOL!

Do you guys not have TiVo yet? 8 bucks a month. That's it. It's so worth it. You'll wonder how you ever did without it and you'll never go back.

Sintra is VERY charming. I love those narrow streets and stairs. And the castle/palace! Did you guys hike to get there? I did that once. The next time, we took a taxi. :P I may have to get the name of that B&B from you for when we visit! :P

J Fo said...

I felt the same about Crystal but thought I was just biased because I like the guys! Those Mamas raised some nice boys. :)

Just wait Jimmy, Lee has some issues in the past, maybe fame and fortune will bring them back into the forefront. ;)

Robynne said...

I am totally rooting for Lee as well! I also really liked Casey, but was pretty sure he wouldn't be in the finals. I'd be REALLY surprised if Lee doesn't take it!