Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top 4 Sing Movie Songs

THIS is your Top 4!


(dramatic pause while all 4 Idols give themselves whiplash)

is American Idol!


Didn't like that either? Have other opinions on Idol? Want to let the producers know what you like and don't like? Want Paula back (I DO!)? They're asking for feedback here.

4 Individual Songs and 2 Duets tonight. Songs were, for the most part, okay. Duets were, for the whole part, awesome.

Lee - "A Kiss From A Rose"
He was pretty off for most of it. It pains me to say that, because I like Lee and hope he makes the final 2 and then wins it all, but it's true. However, his confidence seems to have definitely skyrocketed. And, for that, I'm glad. He is so cute and so likable. I find myself really rooting for him. Go Lee!

Big Mike - "Will You Be There?"
I don't know what the judges were listening to, but I loved it. He R&B-ed it up and sounded fantastic.

Duet: Lee and Crystal - "Falling Slowly"
Brilliant! Perfect! Absolutely LOVED it. I love this song (like LOVE it) and they were fantastic. These two are fabulous and they're so so so totally our Top 2, America! Get ready.

Casey - "Mrs. Robinson"
I have to admit that I had the same thoughts Randy did during this performance. Is Casey that desperate for some praise from the judges that he's going to resort to sending cryptic love messages to Kara to set her heart a-flutter (again) and have her gush about how great he is? Maybe. He looked like J.D. with a blond wig and, to boot, the song could've been on a SCRUBS soundtrack. He was surrounded by women and a couple of guys pretending not to have a crush on him, too. Because, well, come on! Casey's hot. But, dude, Randy? He totally changed it up. I don't know what Randy's hearing. Tonight, Ellen was more spot on than Randy.

Crystal - "I'm All Right"
She brought back the guitar and the mic stand, but where's the rug?? It was VERY good. She's awesome. She's just so already there.

Duet: Casey and Big Mike - "To Love A Woman"
What? No Ebony and Ivory? (I totally laughed out loud at my own joke tonight). Their duet was very nice. Casey played some smokin' classical guitar. And the two of them did a smashing job. It was great.

I agree that the individual song choices were strange (especially when they could've picked, essentially, anything). But the duets? Phenomenal.

Ryan sees us off with a "Bu-bye, America." Even he knows he's lost some coolness, so he's apparently ditched "Seacrest. Out."

Top to bottom tonight is hard to say. Do duets count?

Best to worst based on individual performances:

Big Mike

(I know. It pains me to admit that.)

Considering the duets?

Lee and Crystal are your top 2.
Casey and Big Mike are your bottom 2.

One of those bottom 2 will leave tomorrow, but I'm not sure which one. It should be Casey, but it might be Mike. Whichever one goes, the other will follow next week and we'll have our Lee-Crystal finale after that. With Lee winning it all. Methinks.


John said...

Ditto most of what you said, though for me, Crystal is perhaps a more likely lock for #1 at this point, and Lee seems less of a sure thing for #2 among the guys. Thinking in terms of the nation's voters, though, anything seems possible from here on out.

Dr. Mark said...

Great points as always. "Ebony and Ivory"--classic.

I think you're right about the Top 2. Lee and Crystal will make a great finale.

Jimmy said...

Laughed out loud at Ebony and Ivory, too.

I like Lee. He's likeable. But let's face it, Crystal deserves to win.

Vivian said...

Love Lee's voice, but he really didn't do well last night. I think he'll still be safe when his 'body of work' is taken into account. I'm hoping he doesn't experience the 'Daugherty effect' and leave at #4. I also thought Casey didn't get enough credit for his arrangement of the song. It was overshadowed by the fact that it was such a lightweight. I like Mike's voice, but there has always been something cheesy about him for me-can't put my finger on it. I'm hoping for a Lee-Crystal finale, so both Casey and Mike have to go. I guess it doesn't matter which order they go.
PS thanks for keeping your Idol reviews while taking a blog break from the rest. I depend on your insights and humor.

Chelle said...

Holy cow, what was up with Lee's solo last night? I kept asking Jared, "What is going on here? That's not his voice!" He didn't even sound like himself...until that amazing duet. Gosh I love that guy. Then everybody, except Crystal, basically crashed. I had higher expectations for last night, darn it. I actually liked Casey and Mike's duet the best. I was so glad I recorded it because I went back and just watched the duets for a second time.

Boquinha said...

John, I'm so curious to see how it plays out. So long as Casey doesn't make it into the finale, it'll be a nail biter!

Mark, indeed.

Jimmy, it's a tough call. It reminds me of Ruben-Clay. Ruben was consistently good (Crystal) and Clay got better and better (Lee). Adam/Kris, too. I'm so excited!

Vivian: "I think he'll still be safe when his 'body of work' is taken into account." Me, too! And that can't-put-your-finger-on-it quality of Mike's keeps coming up in comments from a lot of people! I guess we don't have to worry about it for the next 2 weeks. And thanks for the compliments. :)

Rachelle, it was a good night to record and rewatch. :) And I really like Lee, too.

J Fo said...

Sorry I'm so behind on Blogs!

I like the Falling Slowly...but did not love it. I'm obsessed with that song and the original version (plus Kris Allen's version last year) so I didn't totally love the rocker version of it. I like Lee and Crystal, too.

I agree about Mike being a bit annoying to me. Nice guy, but always a bit cheesy for me. Glad he went because I think I have a Casey crush and want him around for at least one more week! (Don't worry, Greg knows!) ;)