Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And so we say goodbye to . . .

Harry. *Sniff. Sniff.*

Oh yeah, and Aaron, too, but I'll miss Harry more.

On to the recap.

Top 2 Things I'm Sick Of On Results Nights:

1. Randy booing Simon.

It wasn't funny the first time. It's still not funny 279 times later.

2. The #*&@&$* Lip Sync!!

Why?!? It's a singing competition, for crying out loud. If they can't sing well as a group, we should be able to observe that for ourselves! When they lip sync, it only lets us see who sucks at lip syncing (Casey and Aaron, by the way).

Next week's theme? Songs of the Cinema with Jamie Foxx. I remember him being a good mentor in the past. A little full of himself, but good with the kids.

I'm loving the peek into the behind-the-scenes of a typical Tuesday. If they're going to have filler, give us that kind of stuff. The judge stand-ins, what the Idols eat for breakfast, how they do their rehearsals . . . I like that.

In fact, here's a thought. Tell us about the Idol's typical Thursdays and ditch the stupid Lady Gaga performances.

Lady Gaga sat at the piano in netting and a black widow-esque poncho and, apparently forgetting her clothing, her panties. She was surrounded by smoke and trees and satyrs? I'm not sure, but they forget their clothing, too. Then she faked a Spanish accent ("Alejandro!"). And suddenly it was like Erasure meets Gloria Estefan (minus the Miami Sound Machine).

If I'm understanding her message tonight, it's, "If you can't sing, wear a garbage bag and dance in smoke with creepy men who have also forgotten their clothing and you, too, can be famous."


I loved the Harry Connick, Jr. montage. I think that's part of his charm -- he, like so many jazz greats, has personality and loads of "charismer" as Simon would say. He's hilarious. I love Harry!

Then, Harry Connick, Jr (who sings and performs well enough to not need a costume --or lack thereof--behind which to hide) sang beautifully in an oh-so-classy performance.

Take that, inappropriate female "singer" who can't find her clothing and whose performance I had to mostly fast forward because it was so so so totally inappropriate for my children who like to watch this family program with us. (Imagine me shaking my Craig Ferguson-like fist right here).

Harry RULES. This was the best results show ever (minus Lady Gaga).

The top 5 then lip synced (WHY?!) a medley of Harry's songs. They faked singing, but he played the bejeezus out of that piano. He is a MASTER on the keys. I envy that so much. He's a fantastic performer and a fun story teller. Dude, I love Harry.

Except that he had to announce his concert run on Broadway on live television tonight. ARGH. I'd already looked it up and was hoping to possibly surprise Mark. Oh well, he's in on it now. And yes, we just may go. We are, like, 2 hours from NYC so we can do these things. It's awesome.

The Top 5 look so nice tonight. I totally dig an untied tie.

So, Aaron flies to the moon. He's a sweet, sweet kid.

And I already miss Harry.


debaser said...

I love your sarcasm towards Randy! Too funny! <3 Kelly

Jimmy said...

Yeah, Lady GaGa. What was that?

I know, I know. But HCJr's song was sleepy. Okay, boring.

There, I said it.

But I admit he has charismer.

Dr. Mark said...

Great review of "Lady" Gag-ga's performance. Right on the money. I, too, am sad to see HCJr go. He was a great addition if only for a week.

Jimmy, I was a little shocked that's the song he chose to perform. Of all he could have done, I would have picked a more uptempo song that showcased his piano abilities as well. Maybe he felt like he did that already. That song was better suited as part of a larger performance.

Robynne said...

Agreed - Lady GAGA was lady GAG...I don't know why they keep having her, she is NOT family friendly!! She makes me thankful for FAST FORWARD on the remote!

I also loved the behind the scenes stuff...MORE, MORE!

Definitely for me the right person went home...we're getting close to the end! I really hope they keep up this momentum they've got going!

Zelia said...

Lady Gaga aint no lady.

terahreu said...

Yeah, make Harry a judge. Randy's time is over. I need me some more Harry.

bythelbs said...

I remember getting my Harry crush when I first saw him on SNL. He sang <a href=">It Had to Be You</a>.

bythelbs said...

OK, so apparently you can't do the little link embedding thing here. Oops.

bythelbs said...

Or maybe I just forgot the second quotation marks.

Does this work?

It Had to Be You

bythelbs said...


J Fo said...

I agree with Zelia!

Boquinha said...

Hilarious comments. And hey, messing up the link got me 4 comments from you, lbs! :) Bonus!