Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Results -- Not a whole lot to say

I don't have a lot to say tonight, so this is going to be short.

Fantasia had a real 70's sound about her. It was all a bit Donna Summer. I didn't love the song (it was all a bit mellow/boring), but I do think she's amazing.

Ryan then teased them with a hometown visit montage and Casey is safe! (That does it. Unless there's a shocker a la Chris Daughtry, Big Mike will be smelling that saltwater air sooner than later).

Speaking of Daughtry, they're awesome. I love his voice and his stage presence.

And Lee is safe! (That clinches it. Mike is out. If it were either Lee or Crystal, they'd keep them both on stage for the suspense factor).

Bon Jovi performed next and they look exactly the same as when I was 11 and they were Livin' On A Prayer. I haven't ever been able to see what it is women find hot about him. I still don't see it. Because we're nerds, Mark looked it up -- all those guys are in their 50s or late 40s. Good for them!

And Crystal is safe. Mike sings us out (beautifully).

My favorite shot of the night (along with all the footage of Elliott!) was the one just before the show ended -- Big Mike and his CUTE baby girl.

See? Not much to say.

Until next week!

Goodnight, America. :)


John said...

Yeah, no real surprises tonight. As for Jon Bon Jovi, I was also unimpressed until I saw him in some romantic movie. It may have been all acting, but even I fell in love with him. He played the kind of guy that I'd want to marry if I was a woman - the kindest, most sensitive, wisest, gentlest male ever filmed. And he played it so convincingly that it was impossible to believe it was all due to his acting skills and it was not largely who he really is.

Jimmy said...

Fantasia's song was horrible. I want to like her, but come up with some good songs.

I thought all of the performances last night were bad. Didn't like a single song, except for when Big Mike sung his way out.

terahreu said...

Axel knew who got voted off before I did. He kept leading me on to believe that it was going to be a 'big surprise'. The anticipation was killing me and my fear that Lee was out was consuming me.

When I found it was big Mike, I rejoiced. He is great, but didn't grow a TON. That is what I love about Lee, TONS of growth. The tough thing is, large black singers are a dime a dozen. Mike is going to have to work extra hard to get back in the minds of his fans. Regardless of his talent, it is going to be tough.

Casey is next and the grand finale will be the first time I don't actually know who will win.

Chelle said...

I was kind of sad to see Mike voted off. But at the same time there has been something that kind of bugs me about him...can't really put my finger on it. He's got a great voice and I love to hear him; I'm just not crazy about watching him.

I'm just anticipating the finale. Lee and Crystal. If Casey makes it, it will be like another Diana DeGarmo (was that her name?) finale. It will be more exciting to see the two best where both are deserving of the win. I will, however, be broken hearted for at least fifteen seconds if Lee doesn't win. I love that guy.

Boquinha said...

John, you have me curious about what movie that is!

Jimmy, agreed about Fantasia. She's so amazing when there's loads of passion in her songs.

Terah, I so agree. Casey is next and the finale will actually be exciting. I think the only past ones like that have been Ruben-Clay and Adam-Kris. I suppose you could make a case for the Davids, too.

Hilarious, Rachelle! My MIL said the same thing about Big Mike in another post! And you're spot on about the finale (yes, Diana DeGarmo). Agreed, agreed. Love Lee! (And I love how that sounds like "Lovely"). :)

J Fo said...

Sorry, I think Fantasia should stick to Broadway. Never much of a fan of hers...but I do like Bon Jovi! I mean, listen to his love songs and you might get it better. (Bed of Roses, Thank You for Loving Me...) he's actually been in a lot of movies, but the one I can think of off the top of my head is U571.

Happy to see Mike go! Like him, but it was time.