Sunday, May 9, 2010


I'm taking a blog break--writing and reading them.

I'll finish up the next few American Idol weeks, but other than that, I won't be posting much for a while. I still might post something here and there and I'll pop in now and then on other people's blogs, too, but I've got other things that I've been either neglecting or perpetually trying to get done and I'm going to work on those instead.

I find myself saying things like, "Haven't gotten to that yet" or "I'm still working on that" and "I'm trying." I'm pretty behind on blogging as it is anyway. I have loads of pictures I'd love to share, but haven't had a chance. We're a pretty busy family with a lot going on and while blogging, something I started as a means to keep up with those who live far from us, is something I really enjoy, I really ought to get to the other things I have to do, too.

So, I'll catch you later!

Happy spring!


the emily said...

come back soon! happy mother's day.

Jillo said...

You will be missed. Enjoy!

J Fo said...

I know how that goes. Good thing we have other ways to communicate!

bythelbs said...

Have fun catching up with everything! I hope to see you pop up now and again!

Chelle said...

I need to do this same thing! I've been neglecting blogs myself - it's driving me crazy trying to catch up, yet consistently being behind...on blogging, reading blogs, and everything else. The "everything else" is important stuff that shouldn't be neglected and the blog stuff can always be picked up later. Try to keep in touch though. I don't like to be strangers :) !

Boquinha said...

Thanks. I love that you all understand. :)