Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fill in the Blank

I want to organize the stuff on the 3rd floor (think: file cabinets).

I can't get enough of these kinds of blog posts.

I think batteries are perplexing -- do they or don't they have more juice in them?

I think it's annoying that Sallie Mae would raise our rates if we did a 10 (versus 30) year plan with them.

I’m not sure I like how long I've sat here trying to think of what to write for this one.

I’m hungry when I see good food on commercials.

For cinco de mayo, I went to our local, cheap Mexican place with my family. Delicious!

I’m mad that we don't use the word "mad" they way they do in Britain.

I’m glad that we homeschool.

I’m nervous about nothing. I'm thankfully in a good place.

I have this song in my head big time. Will Forte is totally awesome.

I need food, shelter, water, and love. Nothing more.

I wish upon falling stars.

I’m excited about some leads I have on some very cool ideas.

I’m happy that Emily posted this on her blog, because I love writing prompts!

Now you fill in the blank!


Jillo said...

Love these! YOu always learn so much about a person this way. Plus they make you reflect on your own life a little bit too.

Totally copying right now!

the emily said...

oooh, fun! i've been thinking all these thoughts this week so rather than doing a random thought thursday, i did a fill in the blank. thanks for doing it too!

i'll start saying "mad" like the brits if you will. we'll start a trend. it'll be awesome.

Boquinha said...

Jill, I'm totally checking yours out today. I love these!

Em, did you write it/make it up? Nice job!

I'm with you on the British speak! Can we add "git?" It's one of my favorite Ron Weasley words.

bythelbs said...

Fun! I now have a post for next week--thanks!

J Fo said...

Haha! I used mad in my Fill in the Blank post even before I read this. We're going to bring it across the ocean! I'm intrigued about your exciting leads. Do tell more?

Boquinha said...

Thanks, all!

My leads are mostly some fun ideas for our homeschool group that involve some lunch discounts and other fun leads. :)