Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Could I be any more bored with this show?

I don't think so. Thankfully, writing about it dulls the pain.

The Top 4 sang tonight. 2 rounds. The first one was meant to inspire (meh) and the second was from the Leiber and Stoller songbook (also meh). Jimmy Iovine wasn't around for the first round, so I'm guessing he needed some time off. Or perhaps some interventional therapy. I know I do.

James - "Don't Stop Believin'"
I think it was pitchy at times, but good overall. Randy, who played for Journey (in case you have been living under a rock for 10 years), lapped it up.

Haley - "Earth Song"
Do you all join me in saying, "Michael Jackson sang this?" Never heard of it. It was a horrible rendition backed by a swaying gospel choir. Casey was going nuts by the time she was done, but the judges weren't. And neither was I. Jennifer and Randy hated it. Stephen Tyler disagreed and I contemplated that he still might be on drugs. Haley's got some SERIOUS attitude. And not in the good way. She was glaring and pursing her lips together AND back talking. I'm so done with her.

Scotty - "Where Were You When The Earth Stopped Turning?"
It was very good, even if the lyrics invite a helpless ignorance (hat tip - Mark).

Lauren - "Anyway"
It was good, well done, all of that. Stephen Tyler drooled over her and her shoe buckles. Seriously, is he even paying attention to anything BUT her? She got an "In it to win it" from Randy and a "Beautiful thing" from Stephen, so basically, the judges liked it.

Round 2. Ding, ding.

Haley is a SNOT. When they recapped Round 1 and Randy reiterated what he thought, did you hear her say something to the effect of, "Okay, okay, Randy. I get it. I heard you the first time. You don't have to rehash it." I'm sorry, does she NOT know that she's a contestant on a show with a panel of JUDGES?? Does she not understand that it's a competition? Has someone not clarified for her that she is LUCKY to be there? Or at least informed her that when she glares at the camera and back talks, it makes us not like her even more than we already don't? No? Well, she should find some friends who are kind enough to be honest.

She sang, "I, Who Have Nothing" and it was much better. She also got an "In it to win it" from Randy and a "Beautiful thing" from Stephen. And that's all I feel like saying.

Scotty - "Young Blood"
Lady Gaga made him uncomfortable. She made me uncomfortable, too, truth be told. WTH?

Lauren - "Trouble"
As Thing 1 astutely pointed out, "Her stylist really is trying to kill her!" This time, her stylist dressed her up like the women I saw at the "50 and up" Expo we attended today except that they filled the shiny black and gold jacket with all the shoulder pads from ALL of my 1980's shirts. All of them. Stephen Tyler loves her, in case you missed the first 973 times he told her. You know, she had her hair all down and crazy for that number, so I'm wondering if Stephen is confused and thinks he's looking at himself in a mirror when he says those things? That's less disturbing to me anyway.

James - "Love Potion #9"
I hate it when James talks to the audience in his songs. Also? Flames every time? It sort of dulls the effect, no? James is like Adam Lambert lite. But, apparently, it's a beautiful thing and he's in it to win it, so what do I know.

Going home -- all of them, one way or another.
Getting booted -- I hope it's Haley.


Dr. Mark said...

I'm with you on the whole boredom thing. What happened to this show. The judges are all over the place. If they were being fair Scotty would have been raked over the coals for his second number. That "fun" selection may have cut it in the early rounds, but not in the Top 4. It's got to be spectacular. or does it . . .

The contestants just don't get it sometimes. With judges like Stephen, who loves just about everything he hears, the contestants seem to think they're infallible. Just because you get millions of votes it doesn't mean you are that good. Talent and popularity don't necessarily equate.

I swear if Simon were around Haley would have gotten more than a few earfuls by this point. They should bring him back just to fling a few good insults at the remaining contestants, for old time's sake. I'd be okay with a 90 minute drudge fest if that were part of it.

At least you still see the humor in it all. Thanks.

Rant. Off.

Jimmy said...

Explanaition: Earth Song is on the second disc of the HIStory cd. And I'm not saying you need to see it, but it was highlighted in the This Is It movie.

(You know he did make a few records after the 80s.)

He does a much better job with that song, but it has never been my favorite.

Finally--Scotty, pandering to America with that sappy country song. I could hardly take it.

Robynne said...

I thought they did a little better tonight overall than usual, but I also cannot wait for it to be over!

SOOO agree with you about Haley - what does she think she is, some famous diva? Not so, not so!!! She's going to have a rude awakening if she continues like that...too bad it wasn't her who went home, just so she can learn a bit of humility.

I think I've figured out that everyone is just on that show to promote themselves - from Jennifer's 2 music video debuts, to Steven's book and music video debut - this show has become one big commercial, and I skip commercials!! ;p

terahreu said...

I can't believe Haley made the cut? Did everyone miss her nasty attitude and snotty replies? Honestly, she has GOT to go! I do think Steve Tyler is too scared to say anything bad about anyone. Does that make me like him more or less? I can't decide.

Scotty was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Talking about 9/11 only a week or so after Osama was canned? It is almost as smart as kissing his cross when meeting Lady Gaga. The southern votes are pouring in!

Boquinha said...

I agree that Simon would have had a word or two for Haley.

Jimmy, LOL, I know, but I love the 80s! ;)

Robynne, YES, product placement, advertising, product placement . . . SO SO SO annoying. Makes me want to see that movie "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold." Bleh.

Terah, I love this line:

"I do think Steve Tyler is too scared to say anything bad about anyone. Does that make me like him more or less? I can't decide."

Bwahahaha! I totally agree with that confusion!