Sunday, May 1, 2011

Play Ball!

Thing 2 has started little league baseball and he absolutely LOVES it. And like I said before, he is SO STINKING CUTE in his baseball uniform.

Thing 2 at his first game

Father and son -
Mark is an assistant coach for the team!

The team -
They were supposed to be
sponsored by the video game place
(the kids were really excited about that!)
but had a last-minute switch.
It's okay, though -- everyone loves the coffee shop!

Me and Thing 1
Cheering and supporting our boys

On Opening Day during the national anthem -
Thing 2 is number 11.

At his first game
Thing 2 was glued to the game the whole time -
He loves it!

That's my man pitching to our son!

Thing 2 is really good at it, too!
He's quite the athletic boy.

And he's soooooo social that he's always chatting it up at each base with all the coaches.
It's a riot to watch. He has friends EVERYWHERE he goes.

We really enjoy going to the games and playing/coaching/watching.
What a great way to welcome spring!


J Fo said...

He is so adorable in that uniform! Ahem...I mean, so studly and manly. ;) I used to love watching and cheering for my brothers in little league.

Lindsay said...

So cute. Of course he is athletic! He is a Foley. All the Foley boys are athletic :) How fun that Mark gets to be the Assistant coach.

Foltron said...

To speak to quickly Lindsay. Mark is a Foley so there is a possibility that he might get ejected from a game or two.

Zelia said...

Go Maxim!! You are so darn cute in your uniform. I can see you playing for the worl series when the Red Sox win it again.

Jimmy said...

Cool! And green! (Here in the Southwest the players play in dust storms.) How fun for Mark and Maxim!

Dr. Mark said...

It's coach pitch, so I'm fairly sure I can keep it under control, Greg. Unless I get ejected for beaning one of our players.

It's a lot of fun to watch Thing 2 play. He loves to practice out in the backyard, too. I've thrown a lot of pitches in the past few weeks.

Robynne said...

He's a doll! Fun times!! :D

Chelle said...

I agree that he is stinkin' cute in his uniform. What a great thing for dad and son to do together. I have so many pleasant memories from the baseball park growing up. I hope it's still fun and not crazy competitive!

Boquinha said...

Thankfully, his coach is more focused on fun and skill than making it too competitive. I'm so glad!